How One Night in Toronto Changed Everything

Now, let me set the scene for you. It’s the early 2000’s and I’m the lead singer of a rock band, all the while trying to make money working at a local record store. Almost every night, you can find me scoping out the latest show in town – from metal to emo, hardcore to indie, and everything in between. I spent years travelling to different cities with friends so that we could follow our favourite bands around. Each song bringing me closer to new inspiration, each performance to new feelings and even some venues to new friends.

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Making Sure No One is Left Behind

My parents split up when I was around a year and a half. With my mother being so young and on her own with me, we relied on my grandparents a lot. We didn’t have a lot of money to do things, so I would spend most weekends with either my mother’s or my father’s parents (plus it gave my mom a much-needed break). Many of my childhood memories involve being at one of their houses on the weekends, during holidays and in the summer, and especially on sick days. Although they’re no longer with us, they were an integral part of who I am today. But I wanna talk to you about one of them in particular.

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My Happiest Holiday Memories Might Surprise You

There are fews things that I love more than memories. I’m a hopeless romantic and a sentimentalist. I associate items, songs and places with people. It’s something I have always done and love about myself. I can look at a napkin I kept from a restaurant that I keep in a memory box and remember how it felt to enjoy a meal with someone and the moment I realized I loved them. It seems silly, but that’s just how I see the world – full of beautiful moments that I carry with me. The holidays are a special time for me and while we get excited for the season ahead, and attend some pretty spectacular events around the world, I wanted to take a moment to share why some of my happiest holiday memories might in fact surprise you. It’s not the tree or the onesies (though both important of course) but rather the simple moments with those I love that help to remind me of what is important.  Continue reading “My Happiest Holiday Memories Might Surprise You”

Healing Yourself From The Inside Out

I believe in science. But I also believe in the varied and integrative facets of what science and can mean. And while I love to research and truly thrive on fact-based learning, I can also see beyond into the realm of the unknown. One that makes room for faith, intuition, and trust in oneself. That’s why the path to healing isn’t linear. Sometimes it’s trial and error, sometimes it’s blissful or painful, it can be rocky at times and smooth during others… but it’s always worth it.

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