How One Night in Toronto Changed Everything

Now, let me set the scene for you. It’s the early 2000’s and I’m the lead singer of a rock band, all the while trying to make money working at a local record store. Almost every night, you can find me scoping out the latest show in town – from metal to emo, hardcore to indie, and everything in between. I spent years travelling to different cities with friends so that we could follow our favourite bands around. Each song bringing me closer to new inspiration, each performance to new feelings and even some venues to new friends.

Years went by, with my love for music never changing, but the need to grow up definitely did. Little by little as time passed, my priorities shifted, my musical taste widened and I became more selective on the shows I attended, or more specifically, on how I’d spend my time and hard-earned money. It’s hard to believe that it’s been almost 20 years since I was hanging out backstage with Taking Back Sunday in Montreal, after winning a contest on MySpace. Even that sentence alone makes me feel so old. Someone send me some Alumier MD eye cream….

Recently, someone special came into my life who reminded me of those good old days, even though we didn’t live them together. We’ve spent hours listening to all of our favourite songs from bands we loved and while both wondering if they’re still around or not. We always send each other songs and have made playlists that dig pretty deep into the repertoire. It’s all been quite the nostalgic experience, transporting me right back to all of the feelings, memories and excitement that accompanied what used to be some of my favourite music. Every lyric coming back to me as if they were just sitting in my brain, waiting for the right time to be sung again.

I got inspired to search for upcoming concerts, just like the ones from my youth. And that’s when I found out that two of my favourite bands from back then were playing at Rockstar Disrupt Festival in Toronto. I snagged 2 tickets right away – one for myself and another one for my best friend of 25 years who was at most of the concerts with me in the early 2000’s.

We got there early in order to scope out some of the bands during the day, so we could soak it all in. But when Thrice came on stage, I lost my mind. They’re still one of the bands that I love the most to this day and are just so incredible to watch live. On next was The Used, with Bert McCracken never missing a beat with his dramatic but awesome antics. The energy in the crowd was almost palpable.

I sang (or screamed) every single word, danced until I couldn’t feel my feet and smiled until my face hurt. It all came over me like a giant wave. You know, that feeling of being so free and just so unapologetically yourself. I knew right then and there that I don’t ever want to lose who I am again. That girl who had hopes and dreams, who was excited for the unknown and who never backed down when she believed in something with her whole damn heart. So what if it took one night at an emo festival in Toronto to remind me again. I’m thanking my lucky stars that it did.

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In health,

Catherine Sugrue, CNP

Holistic Nutritionist

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