Help us #ChampionHer all year long

There is so much happening in the world today, and I believe that we sometimes forget to share and celebrate the good all around us. From supporting charities around the world, to enjoying the simple things in life like Canadian Cheese with friends, I try my best to focus on the positive. My Dad used to always say that you get what you give. So I want to help inspire you as you read this blog post with something that touched my heart and I feel is worth sharing.  Continue reading “Help us #ChampionHer all year long”

Summer ready with some of our favourite #CanadianCheese

When it comes to #Canada150 celebrations taking place across the country with our team, chances are there is probably delicious food involved. Since I am in full menu planning mode with Catherine this week for our celebrations with friends and family, I thought it would be fun to partner with The Dairy Farmers of Canada to share a cross-country tour of Canada with some of our favourite Canadian cheeses that you can impress your guests with this summer. Because what better way to celebrate being Canadian this summer than with #CanadianCheese!  Continue reading “Summer ready with some of our favourite #CanadianCheese”

Health & Nutrition | How sleep deprived are YOU?

We have spoken about the importance of sleep, and I cannot stress enough how valuable it has been in my life. (Click here to read about the steps we have taken recently for a better night’s sleep). Recently, The Dairy Farmers of Canada launched Project Sleep to talk about the fact that Canadians simply aren’t getting enough of what they need most. We had the opportunity to learn about it and share some important facts about why sleep is so important and how you can make simple changes to improve your life along with us! Continue reading “Health & Nutrition | How sleep deprived are YOU?”