Diner en Blanc Toronto is FINALLY back!

When it comes to events that I would attend every year like clockwork in the “before times” – pre-pandemic I am light-heartedly referencing – there are a handful that I would NEVER MISS when we lived in Toronto. On the other side of what has been a transformative few years, and now living in Ottawa for sake of getting to adoption sooner, I am so excited by the return of one event that we have solidified out tickets and have booked the time off. Let’s talk about the triumphant return of Diner en Blanc Toronto for it’s 9th iteration and a triumphant return and a magical experience we wouldn’t miss for the world!

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Doing Things A Little Differently This Year

Like the rest of the world, I find myself longing for moments that make me happy while I stay home and physically distance. 2020 has proven to be a year of much needed change, challenge and choice. So amid all of this and finding little things to make my life more beautiful, I wanted to share about one of my favourite times of year and why this year, we will be doing things a little differently for it.

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Finally A Reason To Celebrate Summer

Every year it seems that summer takes forever to arrive, and then never lasts long enough. Maybe it’s just the relative fact that Torontonians do love to complain about the weather, or the fact that we all crave the beautiful atmosphere of being outside. Lately you’ll notice that I have been sharing a lot more outdoor adventure content and activities because I want to take advantage of the season. August may seem far away, but before you know it, my favourite event of the summer will take place and it’s time to tell you why I am so excited to attend yet again!

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