Celebrate #NationalCocktailDay With My Favourite New Cocktail!

It’s no shock that when I can get creative with cocktail recipes, I will. But that being said I realize that many people might be intimidated by the idea of making themselves their favourite drink while they #StayHome. Thankfully my love of DISARONNO is back and better than ever – and this recipe is so easy, you’ll be shocked at how good it is!

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Three Cocktails to Celebrate #DisaronnoDay Around The World

If you’re like me, chances are you’re ready for the sun and some yummy cocktails on a patio as soon as humanly possible. The winter months have dragged on long enough in my opinion – and that’s saying a lot consider I’m not one to complain about the weather.

Although April 19th might not be t-shirt and patio weather just yet, it is a good reason to create a few cocktails for yourself and those you love. It is after all #DisaronnoDay, and to help get you inspired in partnership with our friends at DISARONNO, I’m sharing three delicious cocktail recipes that are going to blow their minds.

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Holiday Contest | 3 reasons I love ARTEMANO, 3 Holiday Cocktails & 3 ways to WIN!

For those of you who remember, we recently helped to celebrate the GRAND OPENING of ARTEMANO Don Mills. I also had the opportunity to be a part of a holiday themed photoshoot during which I created 3 ARTEMANO themed cocktails. And now, the celebrate the end of an amazing year I am giving you 3 ways to enter to win a $200 GC to ARTEMANO! Continue reading “Holiday Contest | 3 reasons I love ARTEMANO, 3 Holiday Cocktails & 3 ways to WIN!”

Food & Wine | It’s not just Julio anymore… DISARONNO wears VERSACE too

As I’m sure most of you have noticed, the world of food and alcohol has been undergoing some major changes over the last few years. Brands have become more bold and cognizant of the needs of their consumers. Evolution & collaborations are becoming more common in an attempt to show another side of the brand and the lifestyle that they represent (see examples of this here & here). No collaboration has me more excited then that of the newly launched DISARONNO wears VERSACE now available in stores. Fashionistas and foodies unite for this limited edition bottle which combines both the beauty of DISARONNO with the iconic VERSACE brand. So it won’t just be Julio wearing this designer name anymore as we all indulge fashionable #DISARONNOwearsVersace world. Continue reading “Food & Wine | It’s not just Julio anymore… DISARONNO wears VERSACE too”