Putting Pen To Paper For a Good Cause

There is something so wonderful about putting pen to paper. I journal often to sort out my often jumbled thoughts. I scribble notes in packages that I send to my family in New Zealand. I write long rambling letters to friends. I used to write awful poetry as a teenager. For a long time, my Mum kept my school notebooks. I still write meeting notes in a notebook. I still keep a paper diary. These things are strange in this modern world of blogging and technology, of Instagram, pictures and the digital world where we can sign documents online without having to put out pen on paper! Yet, there is something comforting and nostalgic about the little things, just like this paper diary!

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Travel & Lifestyle | Some of our favourite #TasteTheFeeling moments

For those of you who follow along with us on social media, you’ll have seen that we recently got to attend an incredible event with Coca Cola Canada to celebrate #TasteTheFeeling with them. As the iconic brand relaunches it’s new global marketing campaign, parties have been taking place around the world from Dubai to Paris, Toronto to New York. The Canadian embodiment of this new energized campaign was a party not to be missed, and we’ve got some of our favourite moments for you from one of our favourite brands! Continue reading “Travel & Lifestyle | Some of our favourite #TasteTheFeeling moments”

Holiday Moments | See why we #ChooseHappy with Koodo & Choir! Choir! Choir!

I’ve always wanted to witness or participate in a flash mob. There’s something so powerful about a group of people getting together to surprise the public – and in my mind I’ll break out into choreographed dancing. Add that to my To Do List for 2016! For those of you who were recently at the Toronto Christmas Market, you will have seen have Koodo helped to share a random act of kindness with the talented Choir! Choir! Choir!. Take a look at the video and #ChooseHappy with us this holiday season. Continue reading “Holiday Moments | See why we #ChooseHappy with Koodo & Choir! Choir! Choir!”

Lifestyle | Gilding The Lily & Annie Jagger take Toronto by storm

If  you had asked me a few years ago where you should head in Toronto for the latest in designer items, chances are I wouldn’t have had a clue. Thanks to my involvement in the FASHIONIGHTS family of blogs and my relationship with Julio, I am slowly coming to learn about the little gems in Toronto that truly define style and grace. One such location is the recently opened Gilding the Lily. Love child of celebrity stylist Annie Jagger, this newly launched concept aims to bring Toronto a touch of Los Angeles alongside a whole lot of style.  Continue reading “Lifestyle | Gilding The Lily & Annie Jagger take Toronto by storm”