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If  you had asked me a few years ago where you should head in Toronto for the latest in designer items, chances are I wouldn’t have had a clue. Thanks to my involvement in the FASHIONIGHTS family of blogs and my relationship with Julio, I am slowly coming to learn about the little gems in Toronto that truly define style and grace. One such location is the recently opened Gilding the Lily. Love child of celebrity stylist Annie Jagger, this newly launched concept aims to bring Toronto a touch of Los Angeles alongside a whole lot of style. 

With celebrity clients such as Bradley Cooper, Matthew McConaughey and many more, what brings Annie and her new boutique to Toronto you may ask. The idea was to bring the beautiful things that those same celebrities enjoy, from jewelry to candles, to us all. You don’t need to be a celebrity to enjoy the finer things in life anymore thanks to each hand picked item found in the Distillery District of Toronto.


The concept behind the space is meant to be a lot of things to a lot of people. Be you a rock and roll fashionista with a need for something edgy, or the classic woman with an eye for beautiful accessories, this is the place to find what you are looking for. So relaxed in its approach, the store encourages you to sip a coffee and lounge on the couch while you peruse items you may not find anywhere else in the city.

With prices of her hand picked pieces ranging from affordable to luxurious, a rotating selection of housewares, handbags and handmade items will truly help you to appreciate the finer things in life.

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But don’t think that Annie doesn’t have an eye on the beautiful things made here in Canada. Recently adding Toronto based jewelry designer Alessia Magnotta to her impressive roster, Gilding the Lily represents both the LA essentials alongside some of Canada’s best.

Make sure to head down to 47 Tank House Lane the next time you’re in the neighbourhood to say hello and see what Annie has chosen for the fashionable and luxury loving Canadian. Ofcourse, don’t forget to Tweet & Instagram your personal favourites using @GilTheLil and tag @DoTheDaniel to show me what #MustHave pieces you picked up!

Photos: Gilding the Lily & Best of Toronto


Daniel Desforges