5 events you cannot miss in Ottawa this year

For those of you who have followed us over the years, you’ll already know that Catherine & I met while living in Ottawa. We’ve been friends for almost twenty years and when we have the chance to visit Ottawa, it is always an amazing chance for us to revisit the city we both called home for so long. Click here to read how life came full circle when we were asked to be official bloggers for The JUNO Awards in Ottawa recently – what an amazing experience that was! While we were in town celebrating the best of Canadian music, we also had the incredible opportunity to see what Ottawa has in store for an exciting year alongside #Canada150 celebrations. To say I was impressed would be an understatement! As a #StandForCanada partner with CIBC, I am excited to share my top 5 events not to be missed in the nation’s capital with you all. And of course, the plan is to join you there for them and many more opportunities to celebrate our great country alongside Ottawa 2017! Continue reading “5 events you cannot miss in Ottawa this year”

Que signifie être Canadien?

L’année 2017 s’est avérée jusqu’à maintenant extraordinaire et, à bien y penser, elle ne fait que commencer. Après avoir profité d’un hiver tout canadien, nous devons maintenant nous préparer pour un printemps chaud et ensoleillé. L’arrivée de la nouvelle saison entraîne une vague d’excitation et je suis heureux de pouvoir finalement vous annoncer notre partenariat avec CIBC pour sa campagne #EnsemblepourleCanada qui s’arrime aux célébrations des 150 ans du Canada qui se dérouleront partout au pays. Dans les prochains mois, l’équipe de #DoTheDaniel assistera à de nombreux évènements spectaculaires et vous en fera découvrir les coulisses. Mais avant de se lancer tête première dans un calendrier canadien qui semble très rempli, j’ai pensé prendre un instant pour vous demander ce que ça signifie d’être Canadien selon vous?  Continue reading “Que signifie être Canadien?”

What does it mean to be Canadian?

2017 has proven to be an amazing year thus far, and it is really only getting started if you think about it. After enjoying a quintessential Canadian winter, it’s time for us all to stretch and get ready for a sunny and warm spring. With the new season comes a sense of excitement, and I am happy to be able to finally tell you all that we have partnered with CIBC for their #StandForCanada campaign which coincides with #Canada150 & CIBC 150th celebrations taking place across the country. For the next few months, the #DoTheDaniel team will be attending some incredible events and bringing you all BTS with us in the process. But before we jump into what a busy Canadiana schedule looks like, I thought I would take a minute to ask you all what it means to be Canadian?  Continue reading “What does it mean to be Canadian?”

Walking in a Winterlude Wonderland with CIBC

A lot of people don’t realize that although I have made Toronto my home with Julio, and HQ for all things #DoTheDaniel, I have in fact lived in several major Canadian cities in my lifetime. We moved a lot when I was younger because we followed the opportunities that my parents had in their careers. Though it wasn’t always easy, I like to think that it also gave me my sense of adventure while seeing what it meant to grow up Canadian in both Ontario & Québec. While I lived in Ottawa with my parents, I used to look forward to Winterlude every year. From skating on the Rideau Canal, ice sculpture carvings that awe & amaze, to the ample amounts of Beavertails that I used to justify as winter sustenance… it was an exciting time in Ottawa for residents and visitors alike. On Saturday, February 18 (From 8 a.m. to 9 a.m.) you’re going to want to head to the Rideau Canal Skateway for CIBC’s Shinny Hockey Day!

Continue reading “Walking in a Winterlude Wonderland with CIBC”