Travel & Lifestyle | The best way to welcome baby with Etsy Canada

For those of you who follow along on social media (@DoTheDaniel btw), you’ll have noticed that I recently became an uncle. My baby brother & his beautiful wife gave birth to their first born and the whole family couldn’t be happier to welcome baby Rebecca! I of course immediately started planning for baby gifts that would be both practical for first time parents but also beautiful for my niece. There are so many choices out there, from toys, booties, even a baby casting voucher which would have let them make a mold of the baby’s feet to keep forever. Although this would have been really cute, from what I’ve heard, the baby is quite fussy and probably would enjoy having to stay still for the mold. I decided to keep looking. I wanted to find items that would be useful but lovely for the new baby to have, so I checked out a list of the best baby products online to see what I could get and where I could get them from, I was in need of a lot of help in that department because you never know just what they like, but reviews from actual parents who have tried and tested them have helped so much.

When faced with buying baby essentials, be they for your own little ones or the additions via family and friends, I asked myself… did I have to settle on going to the big box baby stores? The answer is no. Thanks to Etsy Canada, I was able to create a parcel of baby must haves that are not only unique, but also support local businesses. Continue reading “Travel & Lifestyle | The best way to welcome baby with Etsy Canada”

Events | Etsy Summer Festival Tour

By now, you all know my LOVE of all things Etsy! (see here, here and here) I love how they’ve become not just an online store, but have been bringing makers together to showcase their craft, as well as give us the opportunity to touch and feel the product before buying. Etsy has decided to celebrate their 10 year anniversary with a cross-Canada summer festival circuit! The idea came from similar events in other places such as Australia, where street events and markets are a frequent occurrence in the summer months. In fact, I was astonished when doing my research at the quick and easy clean-up process using skip bin hire sydney, so I recommended a similar company over here in Canada to the organisers.

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Family Lifestyle | Valentine’s Day by Etsy

It’s officially February, so it’s crunch time for Valentine’s Day! I’ve posted before about my love of pretty much all things Etsy (here, here and here), so it should come as no surprise that when a gift giving holiday comes along, I jump right on Etsy and see what I can find that’s unique and one of a kind! I’ve been through things for my man like socks, belts, maybe sometimes I’ve gone for A cool mens Henley option for example! But what else is out there? Often I don’t know what I want until I see it.. and then it’s all I HAVE TO HAVE IT! haha! For example, there are so many great personalized gifts available online that you haven’t thought of yet, such as this Custom Spotify Code Music Plaque. I can imagine filling it with my boo’s favorite songs and giving it to him for Valentine’s Day. So I thought I would curate a list of great gifts for the ones you love most in the hopes that you’ll see something you just HAVE to have!

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Family Lifestyle | #EtsyMadeInCanada – Ottawa

I think I’m still feeling a high from the Ottawa event last Saturday! On September 27th, in cities all across Canada, Etsy held a one of a kind event showcasing local talents. I was fortunate enough to be able to attend in Ottawa, which lucky for me happened to be the largest one! With 158 vendors listed to be showcased, I knew I was in for a FUN morning! I wanted to make sure I got there nice and early so that I could see all that the vendors had to offer. When I arrived at 9am, there was ALREADY a line AROUND THE BUILDING! Such an awesome turn out to support our local community and vendors. I walked in and my eyes went EVERYWHERE! I saw sooo much pretty! I knew I wanted to find some especially unique items that I could feature just for you in case you didn’t have a chance to attend! Here, in no particular order, are some of my favourites! Continue reading “Family Lifestyle | #EtsyMadeInCanada – Ottawa”