Inside Out and Upside Down

The more I think about 2020, the more I realize the importance of finding inspiration and joy in the sings. A meal with a friend (safely at a distance) that I haven’t seen in a long time. A walk with Canela in the park to soak up the colours of the season. A workout for me because I deserve the time for myself. And of course the arts and film, which have always been such a source of emotional catharsis for me.

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“Life Finds A Way”

The year is 1993 and I am ten years old. In grade five, I ask my parents if I can go to a movie with my best friend at the theatre which is a half an hour drive, and am shocked when they give me permission to go at 8pm on a school night. Feeling like a cool teenager, I prepare myself for one of the most exciting nights that I will always remember. Looking back now, that same excitement still happens when I go see a film that I am looking forward to. I guess I never lost my love of cinema and it seems as though that memorable night 25 years ago has come full circle. All these years later, as I prepare to go see Steven Spielberg’s Jurassic Park tonight at TIFF Lightbox, I am most excited about the upcoming series which starts on December 21st just in time for the holidays. One of the most influential directors of all time is being featured over the holidays with some of his most iconic films and I cannot wait to buy tickets to bring my friends and family over the holidays in between dinner parties and gift wrapping!  Continue reading ““Life Finds A Way””

A #TIFF18 Experience You Might Not Expect

It’s finally here! The Toronto International Film Festival is one of the busiest times of year for us at #DoTheDaniel, and this year I am taking lead on the majority of our coverage while Catherine heads out of town for an exciting #DTDtravels adventure. While I usually would sit here and tell you all about the star-studded premieres we are most excited about, this year I wanted to take a bit of a different perspective. I wanted to share the hidden gems of #TIFF18 and hope that the films we have chosen to attend and enjoy inspire you to curate your own experience to see the best of what TIFF has to offer during the festival!  Continue reading “A #TIFF18 Experience You Might Not Expect”

#TIFF15 | Post Screening Event for “Eye in The Sky” Co-Presented by Audi

The Toronto International Film Festival has shown some amazing films in 2015. Some of them are moving, others are frightening. Most of them, as I have come to realize, make you stop and think about the world we live in. Alongside our friends at Audi Canada, we have been presenting you with some of the behind the scenes photos from some of these films and events.  Next up, on the red carpet recap to end all recaps, is the post screening event for Eye in The Sky at Patria in Toronto. Continue reading “#TIFF15 | Post Screening Event for “Eye in The Sky” Co-Presented by Audi”