“Life Finds A Way”

The year is 1993 and I am ten years old. In grade five, I ask my parents if I can go to a movie with my best friend at the theatre which is a half an hour drive, and am shocked when they give me permission to go at 8pm on a school night. Feeling like a cool teenager, I prepare myself for one of the most exciting nights that I will always remember. Looking back now, that same excitement still happens when I go see a film that I am looking forward to. I guess I never lost my love of cinema and it seems as though that memorable night 25 years ago has come full circle. All these years later, as I prepare to go see Steven Spielberg’s Jurassic Park tonight at TIFF Lightbox, I am most excited about the upcoming series which starts on December 21st just in time for the holidays. One of the most influential directors of all time is being featured over the holidays with some of his most iconic films and I cannot wait to buy tickets to bring my friends and family over the holidays in between dinner parties and gift wrapping! 

I have always been a fan of going to the movies. Over the years since launching Do The Daniel, we have been lucky to bring you to some pretty spectacular screenings and events centered around cinema and most of them have had to do with TIFF Lightbox and The Toronto International Film Festival. So when I found out about Close Encounters: The Cinema of Steven Spielberg, a new series which runs from Dec. 21 to Jan. 10 at the TIFF Lightbox, is around the corner I got really excited to tell you about it! 

I think that most of us can say with certainty that the films of Steven Spielberg invoke a sense of nostalgia. We remember what it felt like to watch E.T.: Extra-Terrestrial, Back to the Future, Twister, The Goonies…. And don’t even get me started on Jaws. I’m still scared of the ocean because of how intense that movie was. The music still gives me goosebumps. 

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If you’re like me, you’ll want a break from the hustle and bustle of the holidays. I usually see a few movies over the break because it allows me to spend some time with those I love outside of it all. Sitting down to watch a good movie with popcorn and some snacks is, in my opinion, the perfect way to relax or enjoy a date night. So the new series will allow me the opportunity to do just that while enjoying some of the most iconic movies of my life on the big screen again. Combining nostalgia, quality time, AND snacks? I’m sold. 

But the thing I love most about TIFF Lightbox is that they put so much thought into their programing. There will also be some of Spielberg’s early work from before he was a household name that aren’t often screened (like Duel and The Sugarland Express) and his more recent hits (like Catch Me If You Can, Minority Report, and War of the Worlds).

I encourage you to immerse yourself in a nostalgic experience like no other with me over the holiday season. For more information, and to purchase your tickets today, you can head to tiff.net/spielberg.

And of course, don’t forget to join in on the social media excitement around the series and everything TIFF Lightbox has to offer by sharing your favourite screening and moments. Follow and tag @TIFF_NET on Twitter an Instagram – I can’t wait to see which of these iconic films you enjoyed most over the holidays right here in Toronto. Whether you call the city home or are just coming to visit, it’s the perfect spot and chances are you’ll find me there in between events and hosting those I love at the house. 

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