Urban Gardening 101

The month of June has arrived, and with it the beautiful sunny weather. For many Canadians, we are all sighing with relief after a neverending winter. Though we sort of jumped over the spring, it is a time of rejuvenation and blooming – pun intended. As someone who is always running around, I like to try and find simple things that make me happy. Gardening has been one of those outlets that allow me to disconnect for some time to reconnect with myself. Gardening is accessible for everyone with the right weather; all you need is a few gardening products from Botanex, including watering cans, and you’re good to do! Gardening is a good de-stressor and can have your yard looking stunning. With the advances in products tailored to the “Urban Gardener” now available at Lee Valley Tools in Canada, I was excited to partner with them to share some of my tips for creating your own green space. From condo balconies to rooftops (which your own outdoor storage sheds, if you can get them up there of course), there is something available for any kind of space, no matter what your experience level. Continue reading “Urban Gardening 101”

Events | When Rickey comes to town, all bets are off

There are certain people that come into your life who drastically alter your path and perspective on the world. The infamous and elusive Rickey is one of those people. Having met years ago in an ultra luxe setting with dim lights and surroundings, I knew that this was someone I needed in my life. Recently I was reunited with Rickey at the exclusive #ChezRickey soirĂ©e that brought together the best of the best. From cocktails to celebrities, no detail was overlooked. Come take a behind the scenes look at the event to end all events and how, before Rickey left onto the next jet setting destination, I was reunited once more. Continue reading “Events | When Rickey comes to town, all bets are off”

Events | Garden Days in celebration of Canada’s National Garden Day

After my recent volunteering with TELUS for Telus Giving Day (see my #givewherewelive post here) where I had the opportunity to get my hands dirty in the garden, my green thumb has been itching for more. So much so, that I’ve planted hanging tomato plants on our condo patio and have been sprouting my own herbs. While we don’t have grass, I have had a look at Composite Timber Decking or something similar to make the outside space more inviting. I’ve even been looking at adding some garden furniture, like these quality adirondack chairs, so I can spend more time outside. For those of you like me, the tranquility of gardening is one that is hard to explain. It not only helps the environment but also adds something quite unique to your space. So that’s why I am excited to tell you all about Garden Days taking place June 13 – June 15th this year across Canada. Continue reading “Events | Garden Days in celebration of Canada’s National Garden Day”