Events | Garden Days in celebration of Canada’s National Garden Day

After my recent volunteering with TELUS for Telus Giving Day (see my #givewherewelive post here) where I had the opportunity to get my hands dirty in the garden, my green thumb has been itching for more. So much so, that I’ve planted hanging tomato plants on our condo patio and have been sprouting my own herbs. While we don’t have grass, I have had a look at Composite Timber Decking or something similar to make the outside space more inviting. I’ve even been looking at adding some garden furniture, like these quality adirondack chairs, so I can spend more time outside. For those of you like me, the tranquility of gardening is one that is hard to explain. It not only helps the environment but also adds something quite unique to your space. So that’s why I am excited to tell you all about Garden Days taking place June 13 – June 15th this year across Canada.

So what exactly does it entail you ask? “This three-day program of activities and events is for gardening enthusiasts, families, schools and tourists alike. Garden Days is an opportunity for Canadians to enjoy their own garden, visit or take part in their favourite garden experience, get inspired at their local garden centre or travel to a nearby destination to enjoy their favourite garden.”

A great opportunity for people of all kinds to gather together around something so simple & yet so beautiful. Be you a Fashionista like Julio, a health nut like Catherine or a mom like Amanda, this day is one that I encourage you all to participate in!

So how do you join in and be a part of the nation-wide conversation? “All Canadian gardens, garden and horticultural organizations and garden-related businesses (eg. garden centres) are invited to organize activities or events to celebrate public gardens and home gardening and to be included in the Garden Days program. It’s as simple as visiting and clicking on the ‘Register Your Activity’ button.”


Not interested in hosting your own activity or you simply can’t? No problem. To find Garden Days activities near you, visit and click on the ‘Activities’ button, or search by city on this easy to navigate site.

With national days around the world celebrating the most obscure of things, this one is a celebration of something that I truly believe in as a recreational, volunteering or simple household topic. Don’t think you have a green thumb because you can’t keep that IKEA plant alive in your home? Why not look on a gardening website like and see how much simple gardening is different to a potted plant, or even how to better take care of that plant. Trust me, getting out into the garden is a whole other ball game and I can bet you’ll probably really enjoy it too! You may need a little bit of help from somewhere like to get the basics laid out for you, like getting rid of those pesky weeds or fertilizing your garden for you, but from there, you will soon turn into a pro!

As the organizing Canadian Garden Council board would say, “Above all, have some great outdoor fun by adding more garden to your life. .. The program’s objective is to draw attention to Canada’s garden culture, history and innovations and to underscore the importance of public and private gardens, the values of home gardening and the promotion of environmental stewardship. ”


And of course, my favourite is that the social media world from coast to coast in Canada will be abuzz. Make sure to follow @CanadasGardens on Twitter and use the hashtag #GardenDaysCanada to show people from Victoria to Charlottetown what beautiful gardens you help create. Make sure to tag @DoTheDaniel so I can help share your garden pictures on Twitter & Instagram too!

Let’s all get out, enjoy some sun and get gardening as a country!

For more information about Garden Days, please visit

Photos: Garden Days & Canadian Garden Council / Conseil canadien du jardin


Daniel Desforges