Events | When Rickey comes to town, all bets are off

There are certain people that come into your life who drastically alter your path and perspective on the world. The infamous and elusive Rickey is one of those people. Having met years ago in an ultra luxe setting with dim lights and surroundings, I knew that this was someone I needed in my life. Recently I was reunited with Rickey at the exclusive #ChezRickey soirée that brought together the best of the best. From cocktails to celebrities, no detail was overlooked. Come take a behind the scenes look at the event to end all events and how, before Rickey left onto the next jet setting destination, I was reunited once more.

Greeted at an exclusive mansion, guests were immediately welcomed by beautiful women serving Cointreau cocktails. If that’s not the best welcome, I don’t know what is. Sampling cocktails in secret gardens and warmly lit sun rooms, we proceeded to laugh the night away. Though it seems most of the guests were wearing white, I chose to be a rule breaker. Rickey taught me to always stand out from the crowd.

Sipping on refreshing Cointreau cocktails, listening to the hottest DJs, the evening felt like something out of Los Angeles. As though I had been transported to a boutique hotel on the beach. I wouldn’t put it past Rickey to fly out the whole crew to Miami next time around. The party is where Rickey is. That much I know for sure.

Take a look at some of the behind the scenes photos I was able to get my hands on. Rickey’s parties always get so wild. Yes, people even ended up in the pool.









Babes who bite. #ChezRickey ?

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When Rickey comes to town, all bets are off on what to expect.

To follow along on the whole evening’s experience, make sure to follow @cocoandcowe & the #ChezRickey hashtag. It was great to see you again Rickey, wherever your adventures have taken you in the world. See you again soon? You know how to find me.

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Photos: Robert Okine (@okiine), Elaine Fancy (@e_fancy), Shawn Pinnock (@djpplus) & Daniel Desforges


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