Food Banks Canada x SkipTheDishes is the Giving Tuesday Collab The World Needs Right Now

I don’t often talk about my childhood because it’s challenging. My parents had me when they were 20 years old and the thought of having a 19 year old right now if I was in their shoes is pretty daunting. We struggled financially, and for the most part my parents shielded us from knowing. I lived a very happy childhood and all things considered I think back on those years fondly.

That being said, my mom has shared me over the years that times were really tough and sometimes we had to rely on the food bank to keep my brother and I fed.

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You’ll never experience giver’s remorse with this gift on #BlackFriday!

So let’s talk about Black Friday – everyone is all about the deals and the shopping. Me included of course! But when it comes to finding the perfect gifts sometimes you have to think outside the box. It’s why this Black Friday I assure you the best saving isn’t in stores.

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An Important Day To Remember

I remember years ago sitting down to do one of those DNA kits. After spitting into a tube and rubbing the inside of my cheek with a cotton swap I sat down to fill out the questionnaire. One of the questions struck me as strange because it asked me if I wanted to know if I was genetically predisposed to Alzheimer’s and other mental conditions. Being that I already knew that¬†Schizophrenia and Alzheimer’s ran on my mother’s side, I gave it some thought and decided to say yes.

Weeks later when the results came in, I found out the results and though it was difficult to read, I did in fact possess the gene that could lead to both. Now it should be noted that this does not mean I will suffer from either, but it gave me a lot to think about. So when I found out that #GivingTuesday 2018 allows me the opportunity to support The Schizophrenia Society of Ontario, I know it was something I should share with you all.¬† Continue reading “An Important Day To Remember”

Making Sure No One is Left Behind

My parents split up when I was around a year and a half. With my mother being so young and on her own with me, we relied on my grandparents a lot. We didn’t have a lot of money to do things, so I would spend most weekends with either my mother’s or my father’s parents (plus it gave my mom a much-needed break). Many of my childhood memories involve being at one of their houses on the weekends, during holidays and in the summer, and especially on sick days. Although they’re no longer with us, they were an integral part of who I am today. But I wanna talk to you about one of them in particular.

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