Take Pride in How Far You’ve Come

It’s been quite an amazing year, and although some might believe otherwise, I like to take pride in how far we’ve come over the years from our early beginnings. I still remember starting off all those years ago with Catherine and a handful of important people. #DoTheDaniel was very different back then, but we have always been a fan of enjoying special moments together. We still manage to make each other laugh until we cry, and so I thought I’d share another special memory we recently shared together. 
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Memories within a glass of scotch

For those of us who are fortunate enough to know a little bit about our personal family histories, following their footsteps is an interesting journey back in time. If you haven’t looked into your background yet, I strongly encourage you to do it. It can be a both humbling and entertaining experience. Yeah, sometimes you find out things that you didn’t want to know, tales of war or of heartbreak. But when you come across pieces that remind you of yourself, it’s an inexplicably wonderful feeling.

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Food & Wine | Glenmorangie launches the exclusive Tùsail

It’s time to celebrate Canada. Glenmorangie, one of my favourite single malt scotches, announced the launch of the exclusive Tùsail. This beautiful scotch will take you away to the shores of Scotland in the first sip and I am lucky enough to be attending a tasting of it with Glenmorangie Brand Ambassador Ruaraidh MacIntyre. Make sure to follow along with me today (@DoTheDaniel) and see why this is a bottle of scotch you simply have to own for yourself or the scotch lover in your life. Continue reading “Food & Wine | Glenmorangie launches the exclusive Tùsail”