The Future is Now and Here is Why

I found myself scrolling through my phone the other day and admiring some photos I had taken of Julio, Canela and I over the last few years. While enjoying this stroll down memory lane, I also one day clicked on the #DanielsDish hashtag on Instagram and saw what a “good photo” used to be – cringe worthy by today’s standards, but it was cutting edge back then. Quickly, I realized how far we’ve come when it comes to mobile device cameras and technology in general.

Had you told me ten years ago that I would be excited about the launch of smart home devices and mobile phones, tablets and ear buds, I might not have believed you. But the future is now and those things have me more excited than ever! Let me tell you why.

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When Was The Last Time You Got Excited?

Let’s take a walk down memory lane for a moment, shall we?

I often think back to the days when buying a new mobile device meant an exciting change. There was so many brands and features to think of back then – I’m so old I had a flip phone, a slide phone, and remember the first iterations of a touch screen. All these years later, most phones are not something that get me excited. For a long time, it’s just been about a sleek design and a “cool factor” – so I got to wondering, when wat the last time I got excited about an upgrade….

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