Because Clearly You Need More Reasons to Pamper Yourself

Raise your hand if you’re in need of some freakin’ relaxation! Okay, I can’t really see you raising your hand, but I’m gonna assume that you’re doing it anyways. Because, who doesn’t love some good old fashioned down-time combined with serious self-care! Amirite? Whether it be chilling at home with Netflix, meditating, hanging out with friends, or heading to the spa – no matter what you decide to do in order to maximize your downtime, you’ve just gotta do you, folks.

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My 2018 Travel Wishlist

I’ve decided I want to see more of this beautiful world. I of course have my favourites, and over the years we have been lucky enough to travel to all sorts of destinations. Being that I recently did my crystal intention setting for the year, I decided to give to the universe my ultimate wishlist for 2018. Let’s see if we can’t bring you all along to these incredible destinations as we continue to explore the sights, sounds and flavours around the globe. Because, after all, to travel is to live they say.  Continue reading “My 2018 Travel Wishlist”

Living My Best Life With Sunwing

When you close your eyes and dream of your happy place, where is it? Who are you with? And what are you doing (or not doing)? For me, I’m near the ocean soaking in the sunshine, spending time with the people I love. I’m laughing, having fun and chilling out to the max amount possible. That’s why it was a no-brainer when Gracie and I decided to book a trip down south with Sunwing Vacations for 5 relaxing days at an all-inclusive resort in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic. Oh heck to the yes.

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The New England Trip of a Lifetime

Have you ever visited somewhere before, not really knowing what to expect (or just not really expecting much at all), but then you’re completely and pleasantly surprised? Maybe it’s because you’re going into it by setting lowered standards or you’re just allowing yourself to be open to whatever your experience has on offer at the moment – but it’s a truly wonderful feeling.

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