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For those of you who have followed along in our adventures over the years, you’ll notice that I am usually wearing amber jewellery in the photos we share. This is the moment where now you’ll probably ask yourself if you noticed, and take a minute to see what I mean here. Many friends have actually commented on them in person and I usually talk about how I love to pick up a piece of jewellery when we visit Mexico. For some reason I have always found myself drawn to Mexican amber in particular.

Amber, for those of you who don’t know, has “properties” that are one of the reasons why I wear it. Known to absorb pain and negative energy, helping to alleviate stress, clearing depression, encouraging decision-making, spontaneity and bringing wisdom, balance and patience. Not to mention it is known to protect it’s wearer. This is where one of my favourite ways to start a fresh year comes in. Yes, we’re going to talk about crystals and gems for a minute.

I used to be the kind of person who would roll his eyes when the topic of crystals, energies, and the like would come up. As I got older and started to introduce the idea back into my life, I quickly realized that the idea of crystals resounded with me in many different ways. It must be an age thing. I just feel like I relate to the idea of crystals much more now. Crystals For Forgiveness are something that I have heard about and really want to try because all of us should have a forgiving nature because your health can be impacted otherwise. And that is not good. Although, I guess it gives you another excuse to try more crystals to see which ones you relate to the most. I feel like I am now an honorary member of this one-of-a-kind club. So much so that now Julio, Catherine and I can have full fledge discussions over what crystals to buy one another when traveling around the world. We’ve looked into as many crystal types as we’ve been able to from everywhere you could possibly imagine, from the likes of protection stones from the UK to these healing crystal bracelets in Singapore, as well as many more we’ve come across in our adventures.

BUT, let’s be honest, that may not be everyone’s cup of tea. Here is what I would suggest to those of you who may be skeptical. Take a minute to look at the jewellery you are drawn to and the crystals that catch your eye… and ask yourself why. Why does that call to you above other crystals? The answer usually has to do with what properties the crystal has and probably could bring into your life and space.

I don’t expect this to necessarily resound with every single one of you. Some of you will get it. Some of you will be curious. And some of you will completely write off this blog post as nonsense. And that’s okay.

My 2018 is meant to allow me to understand that the world is full of beautifully unique people and not everyone is going to get me all the time. And so that brings me to a recent event that we attended at Happy Soul Toronto. It was probably the most “hippy” thing I have ever done. I did an intention setting using crystals to give the universe what I would love 2018 to be. Sending out the right energy using the right crystals. And to say I left feeling inspired would be an understatement.

Using sacred geometry, I personally opted to created the above intention centered around abundance. I thought to myself and asked the universe the help me create a 2018 that will be a successful year for us as a business, prosperous financially, and finding a sense of well-being in my heart.

Want to know what the biggest crystal fan I know created? Take a look at Catherine’s sacred geometry below.

I can assure you that stepping into the store with an open mind will help to show you what I mean. Happy Soul Toronto is a fantastic shop, with fantastic people, who can help you find a little bit of balance and a lot of inspiration. And who couldn’t use a little bit more of those for 2018?

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