My 2018 Travel Wishlist

I’ve decided I want to see more of this beautiful world. I of course have my favourites, and over the years we have been lucky enough to travel to all sorts of destinations. Being that I recently did my crystal intention setting for the year, I decided to give to the universe my ultimate wishlist for 2018. Let’s see if we can’t bring you all along to these incredible destinations as we continue to explore the sights, sounds and flavours around the globe. Because, after all, to travel is to live they say. 

When I stop and think about destinations I would love to explore for the first time I get very excited. There is this tangible energy of landing in a new city, setting out to explore a new neighbourhood, and ultimately meeting new people who could possibly change you for the better. When I recently found out about new destinations being offered to me as an Air Canada customer, it only inspired this wishlist even more. Not to mention the pride of being a Canadian, since the world is always so welcoming for us. I mean, who doesn’t love Canada? 

When I stop to think where I’d love to go first, obviously during a Canadian winter, my thoughts go to somewhere warm. Though an all-inclusive resort sounds picture perfect right about now (and I wouldn’t say no), I want to see something a little different this year. At the very top of my wishlist is Cartagena, Columbia. This vibrant destination has always been one that I’ve romanticized and dreamt of. A historic port town that offers incredible food, colonial architecture, and a sense of escape that we all desperately could use. I’ve never visited Columbia before and I think this would be an ideal introduction to their culture and captivating moments. I want to fall in love with Columbia alongside my love. Yes, I’m still a huge romantic. 


Starting today, we fly weekly to #Cartagena from #Toronto! Designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the bustling port of the colonial walled city of Cartagena has been active since the 1500s. Take in views of Bocagrande Harbour and Santa Cruz Manga Island in one of South America’s most beautiful ports of call. #FlyTheFlag ? ECProduction // Nos vols hebdomadaires vers #Cartagena au départ de #Toronto commencent aujourd’hui! Ville fortifiée datant du 16e siècle, Carthagène des Indes est classée site de patrimoine mondial par l’UNESCO. Le panorama de ce havre protégé par la péninsule Bocagrande, où se situe l’île de Manga, fait de Carthagène l’un des plus beaux ports d’escale de l’Amérique du Sud. #HautLeDrapeau ? ECProduction

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Since we’re on the topic on somewhere warm, there is of course Lima, Peru. For big city lovers and escapists alike, this destination is heaven on earth. This would be a destination I’d love to visit with a foodie friend like Gracie Carroll because we could eat our way through some of the worlds most incredible dishes. From Machu Picchu, to Peruvian palaces and cuisine, there is something about Lima that is calling to me in 2018. 


Starting today, we’re flying non-stop from #Montreal to #Lima! Founded in the valleys of the Chillón, Rímac and Lurín rivers and overlooking the Pacific Ocean, the Peruvian capital is a unique coastal urban symbiosis between city and water. With more than 10-million inhabitants, the third most populous city in the Americas hides an undiscovered gem awaiting around every corner. Get there with bi-weekly non-stop flights from #YUL to #LIM. #FlyTheFlag ? @emilyalp // Dès aujourd’hui, nous offrons des vols sans escale à #Lima au départ de #Montréal! Métropole maritime au bord de l’océan Pacifique, Lima s’étend sur les vallées de trois fleuves – la Rimac, la Chillón, et la Lurín. Comptant plus de 10 millions d’habitants, cette troisième ville la plus peuplée des Amériques est une capitale aussi riche en panoramas naturels qu’en secrets urbains qui attendent d’être découverts. Profitez de notre service bihebdomadaire sans escale de #YUL à #LIM. #HautLeDrapeau

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For those of you who follow our #DoTheDaniel London Contributor Brittany, you’ll notice that she is in India at the moment. Mumbai, India is one of those places that, for as long as I can remember, has been a place I feel I might have lived in a past life. I’ve been told that this magical place will change who you are as a person in ways that you can’t understand until you arrive. Not to get all “Eat, Pray, Love” on you, but I think it would be another emotional experience for me to say the least. I want to immerse myself in everything India has to offer and there is no one I would rather do it with asides Brittany. She is an old soul like me and I feel like with her guidance, we could find experiences that nowhere else in the world can offer. 

When I stop to think about where I’d love to travel to with Catherine, it has to be a destination with mountains and the ocean. Oahu, Hawaii is definitely that. Hawaii is once again an amazing destination with flights now expanding back to the islands in the sun. As we’ve grown over 20 years of friendship, I think the importance of adventure together has become even more important. I can already feel the breeze of the ocean on my face as we sit by the water and just enjoy the time together. I’ve already been looking on sites like to find activities we can do together! I think we both need that more than ever this year. 

Finally on my epic travel wishlist, is of course China. When I stop to think about Shanghai, China as a destination, I think I would want someone who has never been before to come with me because we could explore the history and architecture as wide-eyed tourists together. I would love to take Julio – I’m partial to traveling with my husband because its some of my favourite memories together. Fun fact that some of you may not know is that Julio’s family traces back to China before they immigrated to Guatemala. From the copious amounts of local cuisine to the tranquility of the city canals, Shanghai would be so beautiful to take Julio for his 30th birthday in May. You hear that universe? Let’s make it happen! 

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