Look who’s moving in

Living in Toronto for the past few years has allowed me the opportunity to watch the city I call home grow and evolve. I was originally looking at moving to some Castle Oaks homes but I decided on Toronto. I’m really happy with my decision. Keeping up with the neighborhoods that have long-standing history is always a lot of fun because they too continue to evolve.

As Julio and I begin the journey of hunting for a new home as our family continues to grow, there are always a few items on our checklist. Now, don’t get me wrong, there are some beautiful houses in the area that we have come across, but we are yet to find the perfect home for us. Although, I think our expectations may be a bit too high. With the list we have, it might be better if we just construct a home ourselves because it’s probably impossible to find everything we could want. Like, I’ve always wanted a home that has great insulation, and it must come from the roof. I thought these were hard to come by, but my friend told me that if I check out this website, this company will be able to do it for me using spray foam solutions. Woah! Now, we’re talking. Maybe, this piece of information can help our house-hunt, however, it is only one thing off our list.

The next point is having certain things that need to be nearby. A grocery store within a reasonable distance, close to the TTC to commute around the city, and if possible those stores that offer the convenience and comfort we have grown accustomed to. When we found out that one neighbourhood we are looking into for a potential new home was welcoming a new Rexall Drugstore into a historic address, it was another pro on my personal list. We are lucky enough to be partnering with Rexall to celebrate the beautiful new store and wanted to share the details with you first! Continue reading “Look who’s moving in”

Travel & Lifestyle | TELUS opens its doors at CF Toronto Eaton Centre and we are obsessed!

It’s official. The holiday bug has bitten and I am ready to start my shopping this year. Obviously being that we live in Toronto, CF Toronto Eaton Centre is a go-to for my gift needs not only during the holidays, but all year long. The most recent addition to the iconic shopping centre is what has me really excited! TELUS has opened up a beautiful new concept store and you might just be surprised at how much fun you’ll have while you visit. Come and read all about why if you need me in the coming weeks, chances are you can find me here. Continue reading “Travel & Lifestyle | TELUS opens its doors at CF Toronto Eaton Centre and we are obsessed!”