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Living in Toronto for the past few years has allowed me the opportunity to watch the city I call home grow and evolve. I was originally looking at moving to some Castle Oaks homes but I decided on Toronto. I’m really happy with my decision. Keeping up with the neighborhoods that have long-standing history is always a lot of fun because they too continue to evolve.

As Julio and I begin the journey of hunting for a new home as our family continues to grow, there are always a few items on our checklist. Now, don’t get me wrong, there are some beautiful houses in the area that we have come across, but we are yet to find the perfect home for us. Although, I think our expectations may be a bit too high. With the list we have, it might be better if we just construct a home ourselves because it’s probably impossible to find everything we could want. Like, I’ve always wanted a home that has great insulation, and it must come from the roof. I thought these were hard to come by, but my friend told me that if I check out this website, this company will be able to do it for me using spray foam solutions. Woah! Now, we’re talking. Maybe, this piece of information can help our house-hunt, however, it is only one thing off our list.

The next point is having certain things that need to be nearby. A grocery store within a reasonable distance, close to the TTC to commute around the city, and if possible those stores that offer the convenience and comfort we have grown accustomed to. When we found out that one neighbourhood we are looking into for a potential new home was welcoming a new Rexall Drugstore into a historic address, it was another pro on my personal list. We are lucky enough to be partnering with Rexall to celebrate the beautiful new store and wanted to share the details with you first!

As you’ll come to see on our social media, the NEW Rexall flagship drugstore now calls 481 Bloor Street West home, in Harbord Village. An iconic address that was known for years to the locals, you could say Rexall has big shoes to fill. But with careful consideration, one of our favourite stores has proven that they are ready for the challenge and I could not be more excited to take you BTS of the space and what they have in store for us all.

“Since taking over the space as a drugstore, Rexall has been committed to preserving the buildings heritage. By incorporating elements from the venue’s music hall days inside and restoring the building’s facade to its original beauty, Rexall has balanced a contemporary aesthetic that fuses the old with the new. The space will provide convenient health care (including a health center – family physician and a walk-in clinic) and drugstore and pharmacy products in one place, making healthy living accessible to the whole community.”

I’m the kind of Rexall shopper who can walk in needing a few toiletries, and leave with a cart full of items that I find for amazing prizes. And let’s be honest, we have all been that person. You can’t be blamed while touring the new space, and I will probably leave with an armful of items after the media event. We need some travel essentials which makes for the perfect excuse to shop!

The beautiful new flagship with take the iconic address, once associated with an entirely different clientele, promises to bring new life to the space while embracing the history of the building and the neighbourhood. Toronotonians, from my experience, are staunch believers that neighbourhood deserve the respect they have earned over the years. I can assure you that Rexall took this all in mind and I’ll be sharing the store with you all bright and early first! Though the store has been open to the public for some time, there were just a few finishing touches that will all lead up to this morning’s media event. And I’m bringing YOU along with me!

To join in on the social media conversation, make sure to follow @rexalldrugstore on Instagram and @RexallDrugstore on Twitter. I know that we are all excited for you to follow along during the media event, and can’t wait to see your photos and posts when you share your thoughts on the new store! I hope you join me in welcoming a new neighbour to a classic Toronto neighbourhood that I may very well be calling home before the year is done.

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Daniel Reyes

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