Family Lifestyle | Kandoo – Boogie Mist

Now that the school year is in full swing, we’ve definitely had our first round of colds. It wasn’t too bad, but it’s getting colder (ugh, geez Canada!), and with the cold comes even more illnesses. According to WebMD, “Kids who are preschool age have around nine colds a year, while kindergartners can have 12 a year.” TWELVE a year? Yikes! So, what can we as parents do to help?

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#TIFF15 | Harbinger’s #ElevateLoungeTO ends our TIFF roundup on a high note

I am writing my final Toronto International Film Festival post and it’s a bitter sweet moment. For us at, this year’s TIFF festivities were our favourite to date and leave us excited for 2016. Ending our intensive coverage from celebrity sightings, screenings and other events is Harbinger‘s #ElevateLoungeTO.  Continue reading “#TIFF15 | Harbinger’s #ElevateLoungeTO ends our TIFF roundup on a high note”

Family Lifestyle | Kandoo – ‘Tis the Season

Yep, ’tis the season! Nope, not Christmas, and not even back to school… COLD SEASON! With lil ones heading back to school, or maybe even to school for the first time, you need to be ready for germs. Most classes have at least 20 kids in them, and then there’s recess with at least two or three times that many. Toys, markers and glue are being passed around from hands to hands, and it’s almost inescapable.

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Family Lifestyle | Kandoo – Wash Your Hands!

Now that summer is in full force, I find myself saying a gazillion times a day, “wash your hands!”. Lyric is constantly getting into something messy; playing at the park, picking/planting flowers, practicing his ninja moves on the grass, sidewalk chalk… the list could go on and on. Please don’t mistake this for complaining, I would rather this, 1000 times more than, “where are your mitts?” “don’t forget your hat!” “be sure you’re wearing 14 pairs of socks?”! Am I right, Canada? So finding the perfect soap is a must! This is where Kandoo comes to the rescue! Continue reading “Family Lifestyle | Kandoo – Wash Your Hands!”