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Yep, ’tis the season! Nope, not Christmas, and not even back to school… COLD SEASON! With lil ones heading back to school, or maybe even to school for the first time, you need to be ready for germs. Most classes have at least 20 kids in them, and then there’s recess with at least two or three times that many. Toys, markers and glue are being passed around from hands to hands, and it’s almost inescapable.

Can you remember your last cold? Tissue after tissue and your nose is red and sore. Now imagine the sensitive skin of lil ones and how sore their noses would be with regular tissues. Kandoo has come up with a GREAT solution, Boogie Wipes.


Boogie wipes are soft wipes made with sterile saline that help dissolve mucus and dried on boogies. Placed in a convenient resealable pack, you get a fresh wipe every time. I’ve had a fresh pack of boogie wipes in my purse since Lyric was 1. Despite the rumour that breastfed babies are sick less, he seemed to always have a runny nose.


“Colds are the most common illness among children of all ages and they last about a week. Statistics show that preschool-aged children have around nine colds per year, kindergartners can have 12 colds per year, and adolescents and adults have about seven colds per year. Cold season typically runs from September until March or April.”


With Lyric going off to senior kindergarten this year, I feel a little like a veteran of this back to school thing, and I’ve got my stock pile of Boogie Wipes all lined up, ready to go! Have you been following along learning all about Kandoo’s amazing line of products? Want to win a HUGE prize pack valued at over $120? Well what are you waiting for? hehehe

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