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Now that summer is in full force, I find myself saying a gazillion times a day, “wash your hands!”. Lyric is constantly getting into something messy; playing at the park, picking/planting flowers, practicing his ninja moves on the grass, sidewalk chalk… the list could go on and on. Please don’t mistake this for complaining, I would rather this, 1000 times more than, “where are your mitts?” “don’t forget your hat!” “be sure you’re wearing 14 pairs of socks?”! Am I right, Canada? So finding the perfect soap is a must! This is where Kandoo comes to the rescue!

Kandoo’s hand soap contains natural moisturizers such as, vitamin E and natural fruit extracts that moisturize while cleaning. Along with BrightFoam colours, your lil one will know when they’ve got all the nooks and crannies of their hands covered to ensure a better clean. When it comes to kids, I know they might say that this is a better way to clean their hands…


But I’m fairly certain most parents would disagree. haha! Kandoo has compiled some great tips and tricks for making handwashing a habit.


Luckily Kandoo has thought of even the smallest details when they made their soap, like the wide base bottle so that lil hands can get clean on their own! Lyric even loves the smell so much, every time he washes his hands, he smells them and makes the CUTEST “mmmm” sound!


Tah-dah! To help make it a habit, I’ve put a pump at every sink, even if I have my own soap there, there’s a special one to remind Lyric that he needs to wash too. So just to follow up…


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