The Three Small Changes I Made for Me

The self-improvement and self-love narrative is nothing anything new to me, my blog and my social media accounts. If you’re already following me on Instagram (if not, why not? ? click here) you’ll have seen that I bought myself the loudest pair of adidas running shoes you can imagine and have been really trying to form healthy habits. Amid a big change, I’m trying to not be the biggest cliché of all, but I do want to make this chapter in my life the best I can.

So, I thought I would share with you all the three small changes I have made that seem to be making the biggest difference in the way I feel.

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Stop Being so Hard on Yourself – It’s Okay to be on Day One Again

On the first full week of living in Ottawa again and adjusting to my latest chapter in my personal and professional life, I found myself being on “Day One” of my physical fitness journey. Yes, again.

At this point in my life I’ve lost touched with the amount of times that this has been the case. But maybe that isn’t the right way to look at it anymore. Maybe, finally, I have come to terms with the fact that “Day One” is a blessing and a way to refocus vs the negative connotation around “reset”. A means of forgiving the past, embracing my humanity, and stop holding on to the idea of it as a failure of no longer being where I thought I should / would be.

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A Delivery Worth Getting Excited About

If you have yet to get a contactless delivery to your home amid the new normal we are now living, chances are at least one will be on the way at some point in the coming weeks and months. From groceries to goodies from amazon, I’ve got a lot of things on their way to me. But there is one delivery that I am really excited about and it’s contains items to help me look and feel my best inside and out.

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“Are You Carving Out Time For Your Health & Mind?”

That’s a question that was posed to me recently by a dear friend during a discussion we were having while catching up. And to be honest, one that I struggled to answer. The funny thing about happiness, or mental health, or spiritual fulfillment, or heck.. even love, is that it’s not a destination to reach and then yours to wear like a badge. It takes work, every single day.

I picture my life like a beautiful wall of cogs of various sizes, all moving in harmonious balance with one another. Except, if I don’t give them all the attention and care they need, one might get a little rusted. As that one slows down or stops, they are all affected. Every action causing a reaction in my life. And lately I’ve been feeling a little rusty I guess.

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