A Delivery Worth Getting Excited About

If you have yet to get a contactless delivery to your home amid the new normal we are now living, chances are at least one will be on the way at some point in the coming weeks and months. From groceries to goodies from amazon, I’ve got a lot of things on their way to me. But there is one delivery that I am really excited about and it’s contains items to help me look and feel my best inside and out.

Earlier this year I had the pleasure of rediscovering the importance of healthy options for my diet and beauty routines. Because while it is important to use the right beauty cosmetics, a lot of us forget that our exterior beauty is a representation of our interior health.

For those of you unaware of the brand, Organika started in 1990 with a passion to heal naturally. “Nearly thirty years later, this passion remains our focus by providing you with a selection of the highest-quality natural health solutions.” A brand well known from coast-to-coast, I wanted to share some of the products that I recently ordered for Julio & I that I am so excited to have delivered!

While I have been sharing snacks and baked goods, I think it’s important to note that I am also working towards a healthier me both now and in the future. And thankfully I am sharing some products from Organika that you too can enjoy and order from the safety of home.

The launch of the new FÄV Collagen Cookies came at probably the most difficult transition for us all. Encouraged to stay home, a lot of us have had to work on finding a new normal. Now that we are all getting used to life as we know it, I am slowly starting to explore how to make life a little brighter each day. And I couldn’t be more proud of Organika for the pivot they have taken with the launch of this cookie – with all proceeds going to support Food Banks Canada.


✨ Source of clean protein ⁠
✨ Helps with skin elasticity ⁠
✨ Helps with joint health⁠
✨ Feeds our immune system with protein⁠
✨ Helps strengthen nails (basically an at-home nail salon

A cookie that I can enjoy at home while snuggling up and catching up on a show, that is both good for me and tastes good. That’s a win win friends!

While cookies and baking are fun, Julio and I find ourselves making a lot of soup these days too. Using broth base is quite common, but what many people don’t realize is that sodium content is usually astronomical in premade big name soup base brands.


Veggie Broth, which is a great option for skin hydration and is rich in nutrients, is such an easy swap for us to use in our soup mixes. But getting creative in the kitchen with a product that is so versatile for recipes of all kinds also allows me to get creative without worrying about the impact of this particular ingredient on my day to day since it is a better option.

Of course the addition of Collagen in a raw form is a great way to help support skin, hair and body health. I found that because the Organika Original Enhanced Collagen has no taste, it’s easy to add to recipes that I’m making anyway or in a morning smoothie. A boost for my body that is a simple scoop away.

For those of you needing some help with falling and staying asleep like me, Magnesium Serenity is a good bedtime routine. With Vitamin D, it helps with immune support and recovery for your body while you get the rest you need.

So while you sit and read this blog post, I of course remind you that not every product is going to be for you. I think sometimes the world wants a quick fix – but what I encourage you to do is listen to your body, read about these and other Organika products, and made a decision that helps you feel your best inside and out.

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