The Three Small Changes I Made for Me

The self-improvement and self-love narrative is nothing anything new to me, my blog and my social media accounts. If you’re already following me on Instagram (if not, why not? ? click here) you’ll have seen that I bought myself the loudest pair of adidas running shoes you can imagine and have been really trying to form healthy habits. Amid a big change, I’m trying to not be the biggest cliché of all, but I do want to make this chapter in my life the best I can.

So, I thought I would share with you all the three small changes I have made that seem to be making the biggest difference in the way I feel.

I’m not sharing anything revolutionary or launching a self-help book (though, that would be pretty incredible tbh) – instead I am gonna share the three little tweaks to my life that I have made to help me feel better. Not a number on a scale. Not a pant size. Not a before and after moment. None of that – and for those of you out there who are feeling a little turned around on your fitness and health journey, I just want you to know you’re not alone. I wrote about this recently here if you want to check it out.

Step One: Add the right ingredients to your personal recipe

I’m not talking about a real recipe, but rather alluding to all the ingredients that make you who you are. I know that this past year has helped to shine a light on what matters and what doesn’t. For me, it’s also brought a bit of a looming sense of meh. At 37 I only now started to experience what being hangry means and if I don’t put good food into my body, I quickly can feel lethargic and not so great.

So when I finally landed in Ottawa officially a little while ago I got to ordering the right products to help me in my daily routines. To itemize the new ingredients in my recipe for those of you looking to add something in your life for yourself:

It may sound a little intense, but to be honest most of those things go into my morning smoothie using my Vitamix Canada which helps me eat in the morning (something I am not great at remembering to do) and help to keep me organized.

Step Two: Time block for yourself above all else

This is a relatively new process for me but something that I am getting such value from. Similar to booking meetings during the day for work, or setting a schedule for me to post on social media, I block an hour in the morning for me. And while sometimes it’s to workout lately, sometimes it’s been to sip a cup of coffee and pick up a book without looking at my phone. With the world being as connected as we are, and home offices, now more than ever it’s important to establish and enforce personal boundaries. And that means, no excuses.

Make time for yourself once a day, even if it’s ten minutes, away from work, social media, your partner and your kids. I can’t stress enough how much of a difference this simple habit has changed the way I feel mentally amid a challenging year for our mental health in Canada.

Step Three: Intermittent Fasting

I recommend you consult and speak to your healthcare practitioner before making any drastic changes to diet or supplementation. This may not be right for everyone, but I have noticed a change in my energy and sleep which are things that I have struggled with my whole life. Personally I have just marked a time in the day where I stop eating and then I start the next day off with physical exercise, and a smoothie (using most of those ingredients above).

I spoke with Catherine about this as one of my personal expert on the matter and she reminded me that there is so much more to it than just a stop and start. It also is important to pay attention to what you are stopping and starting the fast with – and that most of the time there isn’t a one size fits all system that works for everyone. All I wanted to share is that I am exploring this as a part of who I am today and it seems to be helping me.

For those of you looking for more information, Catherine suggests this article via Harvard University on the matter.

So those are my three changes I am making for me. Is this rocket science? Probably not. But it’s the tangible changes I am making to help my mental health, my physical well being, and if I’m being honest is fulfilling my emotional need to love myself a little more. And hopefully they help to remind you to take care of yourself in small ways to make a big difference.

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Don’t forget to be kind & laugh a little more this year, and the next!

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