Time To Rewrite Those Tequila Stories & Memories

We’ve all got them. Stories from younger years – some of us, yesterday ? – where we bought the cheapest tequila of them all. And holy moly did we regret it the next day after too many shots, salt and limes.

Flash forward to me in 2020 and I can usually be found sipping really lovely tequila at home with Julio while cooking dinner or cuddling after a long day. So I thought after a busy week, it’s the perfect time for me to help you rewrite those tequila stories and memories like I finally did.

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Tequila Made Me Do It

At thirty five years old, there are some things that I have come to learn about myself. I still don’t like olives and probably never will. I admire people who are honest, kind and loyal. I’m a dog person. I prefer coffee over tea, but in a pinch caffeine is caffeine. And I love a good dinner party where I can wow my friends and family just because I love them and want them to feel special.

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