Tequila Made Me Do It

At thirty five years old, there are some things that I have come to learn about myself. I still don’t like olives and probably never will. I admire people who are honest, kind and loyal. I’m a dog person. I prefer coffee over tea, but in a pinch caffeine is caffeine. And I love a good dinner party where I can wow my friends and family just because I love them and want them to feel special.

Recently I was reminded how a proper dinner party is meant to feel. Our friends at Herradura Tequila invited me to join fellow media members for an experience that allowed us to taste the versatility and ambiance that tequila can bring.

Now I know what some of you might be thinking. Tequila? At a dinner party? That’s the stuff of nineteen year olds and bar hoping. How wrong you are my friends. While I admit I have had my share of hangovers at the hands of cheap tequila brands in my younger years, there is a whole other world of tequila out there that is meant to be sipped and savoured.

It was one my first trip to Playa del Carmen alongside my husband that I came to understand how misunderstood tequila really was in Canada. During a private tasting with some reputable tequilas from across Mexico, I realized that it is NOT something we should be shooting. Similarly during the beautiful dinner here in Toronto all those years later, I came to realize that the flavour profile of Herradura can be so delicate that it can even pair with sashimi. But don’t be fooled, it also stood up to some of the best beef I have ever eaten IN MY LIFE. If that’s not a testament to its versatility, I don’t know what is!


So what can you do to change your perspective? Well, for starters, picking up a bottle of Herradura Tequila for your next dinner. Doing a bit of research to have some speaking points is a good idea. Like for example,




All Tequila is Mezcal, but not all Mezcal is Tequila

Fun facts and a delicious welcome cocktail are always a good way to start a night in with friends. Grabbing some fresh ingredients to cook with or prepare will always be a great way to showcase the crisp flavours of a good tequila as well. Think of where it comes from and why it does so well – queso fresco, fresh salsa, lime and salty tortillas are all fantastic pairings. And chocolate. OMG Chocolate and Tequila is one of my favourite pairings ever.


Don’t forget that a bottle of Herradura makes a perfect hostess gift as well if you’re invited over to someone’s house this year. And while they might get the wrong impression, that would be the perfect time to tell them all of these reasons and more why it can be sipped and savoured in a whole new way.

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This post is not intended to be seen by persons under the legal alcohol drinking age or in countries with restrictions on advertising on alcoholic beverages. Please remember to enjoy responsibly and never drink and drive. 

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Daniel Reyes

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