A New Way Of Seeing Things

I woke up this morning and had a bit of an epiphany about my career as a blogger. Over the years, especially as a small business owner, I’ve had to often follow my instincts or guess when it comes to major decisions.

With little to no guidance, and being that I’m an emotional person, in doing so this process led me to make some mistakes. From reactionary tweets (we’ve all been there), to knee jerk reactions to feel as though I’d been wronged, I think we all understand that it is when we make mistakes that we learn the most about ourselves.

But amid the current reality we all live, maybe it’s time to accept that the past is behind us, and it’s time to move forward with a new sense of compassion and understanding. That’s how I’m trying to see the world and be with myself, my family, and the blog.

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A Love Letter Like No Other

For those of you who join us not only here on the blog, but via our adventures on social media around the world, you’ll know that we were recently invited to join Huawei Mobile for the launch of the NEW P20 Series of devices. After having the opportunity to get my hands on both the P20 & P20 Pro (both coming to Canada very soon!) I can assure you that this is the best mobile phone I have ever used. And you know I don’t use words like ‘best’ very often!  Continue reading “A Love Letter Like No Other”

La vida evoluciona todo el tiempo, ¡síguele el ritmo!

¿Recuerdas esos días en los que los teléfonos móviles no eran parte de nuestra vida? Probablemente no. Tal vez seas de una generación en la que prácticamente naciste con un teléfono en la mano y quizá te sorprendas de saber que antes la gente compraba cámaras fotográficas con rollo de película para tomar fotos y si eso no es suficiente para asombrarte, imagina que antes para comunicarte con tu crush (ni se les llamaba crush) tenías que llamar al teléfono de su casa y vivir el terror indescriptible de que te contestara su papá o el hermano celoso. Antes, la sociedad salía a los restaurantes a comer, no a hacer sesiones fotográficas para subirlas a Instagram (historia real). ¿GPS? ¡Por favor! Yo soy de esos que al viajar, hacía paradas frecuentes para revisar en enormes mapas impresos si el camino era el correcto. Continue reading “La vida evoluciona todo el tiempo, ¡síguele el ritmo!”