Here’s How to Have the Perfect Last Minute Romantic Getaway

When it comes to seeing Julio over the last year while living in Ottawa, I’ve had to get a little creative. From secret Via Rail tickets for the weekend to trips to Vancouver when the plane ticket price is right, it’s all about romance and making the effort for each other. While the long distance thing has been incredibly challenging, there’s something to be said about missing each other and the romance that it has rekindled in being apart. So on what I assume is the last last minute romantic getaway to Toronto of 2021, I thought I’d share how I plan to make him feel special when I head to Toronto this weekend.

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Remembering What It Means To Be Romantic

Having recently sat down for a moment to pause, I realize that we are mid way through March and the year seems to be flying by. While Julio & I are working towards have children and accomplishing some pretty incredible things in our professional lives, I sometimes feel as though we may forget to be romantic.

One of us more than the other of course… ? But without pointing fingers, I think the point is one that a lot of us can identify with. So in light of understanding we can’t always jet away to a tropical destination around the globe, I’ve found a romantic getaway right here in the heart of Toronto that is like no other. And it’s right here in your your own backyard.

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#TIFF15 | Tastemakers Lounge presented by Sorel and ELLE Canada

The Toronto International Film Festival is always one of my favourite times of year. For the films, the celebrities, the excitement it brings to the city… all of it leaves me smiling and reminded why I love Toronto so much. Each year, we are blessed to be invited to some of the best celebrity gifting lounges to see how the other half lives. In these lounges, we can experience things that A-list stars will see and taste all while sharing it with you. Come and see what this year’s Tastemakers Lounge presented by Sorel and ELLE Canada was all about with! Continue reading “#TIFF15 | Tastemakers Lounge presented by Sorel and ELLE Canada”

Events | Youth Love Fashion

So, for those of you who don’t know, World MasterCard Fashion Week is about to settle upon Toronto once more. If you follow along with Julio & I on our social media, you’re about to see a LOT of #WMCFW posts for the designers, shows, parties and events that we are lucky enough to be invited to. It’s a very exciting time of year and the celebration of what Fashion is all about in Canada. Make sure to follow @WMCFashionWeek on Twitter & Instagram for your very own behind the scenes #WMCFW moments.

All that to say, things are about to get a whole lot more fashionable on Thank god I am marrying a style guru like Julio! One event that is actually taking place this weekend pre-fashion week is one that I encourage you all to come join us at! Come and see why on Saturday October 18th Youth Love Fashion is going to be the place to be. Continue reading “Events | Youth Love Fashion”