No Dress Rehearsal, This is Our Life

This week has been a tough week for me. A good friend of mine, whom I’ve never met, passed away. He doesn’t know me at all, but he was at every single party or event that I attended during my adolescent years. He and his band have provided the soundtrack to every road trip I’ve ever been on. In fact, I would say that The Tragically Hip provided the soundtrack for my youth. Stargazing along the Ottawa River with a friend and planning for the future. The Hip, as they are known in the Great White North, was there. At my high school graduation. The Hip was there. When my father was diagnosed with cancer. The Hip was there. On all my college breaks while, wearing jeans, plaid and Doc Martens, we raised our beers on the dance floor. The Hip was there.

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What the World Needs Now

Oh no! Not a political post. Well, not really. Bear with me. I wanted to share with you the journey my heart went on recently while travelling abroad and how much more connected I feel to human beings after this experience. I’m sure I’m not alone in feeling like the world has been in trouble for a while, but especially since the American election last fall. We are all human yet we stand divided by gender, culture, race, class, sexual orientation, education, finances, fitness levels, marital status, shoe size and a plethora of other factors. Hatred is on the rise. Human beings are being hurt physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually all over the world. The world feels unsafe for so many of us.

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Creating memorable morsels with Bonne Maman

For the past month my oven has been broken and it’s been hell trying to coordinate a time to meet with the repairman to get it fixed. My creativity for cooking meals that don’t require an oven is dwindling fast, especially now that cold weather is creeping in and my body craves warm food. So I was thrilled to receive an invite last week from Bonne Maman to attend a four-course meal prepared by chef Jon Svazas of Bar Laurel. The twist? He creatively incorporated jam into each of his dishes. Not only was I excited to check out Bar Laurel for the first time, this meant someone was going to cook for me, someone with access to an oven. #winning Continue reading “Creating memorable morsels with Bonne Maman”