The Future of Canadian Music

This year marked the 47th year of the Juno Awards, which were hosted in my hometown of Vancouver British Columbia. For those of you who are unfamiliar with the Junos, they are more than just an awards show – they’re a week long festival celebrating Canadian music that is hosted in a different city each year. Canadian music has had an exceptional year. I guess the only way artists could raise their game is to use This Product At Graham Slee Hifi. What a perfect way to celebrate the diversity of what Canada truly represents! Continue reading “The Future of Canadian Music”

Highlights from the 2017 JUNO Awards

 As Official JUNOS Bloggers, the team at Do The Daniel was able to pull back the curtain on Canada’s biggest music event of the year.  And the best part was that we are allowed to bring YOU along with us! For those who followed our journey from start to finish, you would have seen nothing but sheer excitement during our adventures. Here are some of the highlights from our weekend in Ottawa!

Continue reading “Highlights from the 2017 JUNO Awards”

When life comes full circle

As Catherine & I sit down on the #JUNOExpress en route to Ottawa, I can’t help but reread this blog post and feel a sense of nostalgia. As many of you have seen, has been chosen to be an official blog of The JUNO Awards this year. Five bloggers from Canada were hand selected by Canada’s biggest musical event of the year to bring you the reader (and our followers on social media) behind the scenes. I cannot wait to arrive back in Ottawa to see the city that I once called home, brought to life on a whole other level with musicians, artists and media from across the country coming together to celebrate the best Canada has to offer.  Continue reading “When life comes full circle”