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As Catherine & I sit down on the #JUNOExpress en route to Ottawa, I can’t help but reread this blog post and feel a sense of nostalgia. As many of you have seen, DoTheDaniel.com has been chosen to be an official blog of The JUNO Awards this year. Five bloggers from Canada were hand selected by Canada’s biggest musical event of the year to bring you the reader (and our followers on social media) behind the scenes. I cannot wait to arrive back in Ottawa to see the city that I once called home, brought to life on a whole other level with musicians, artists and media from across the country coming together to celebrate the best Canada has to offer. 


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I remember standing outside of the Corel Centre (now Canadian Tire Centre) in 2003 when Shania Twain hosted the awards, so excited to see who would walk the red carpet and who would perform. Many of you may not know this about me, but I am a HUGE fan of Canadian music. From Kathleen Edwards to Jann Arden, Neon Dreams to Alessia Cara, I love it all so much. I have been buying albums and watching shows, both intimate club settings and major arenas, for as long as I can remember. I am also a huge fan of Catherine’s singing and musical history (Yes. She ALSO sings!). For a long time I use to dream about what it would be like to one day be her manager and have her walk the red carpet of The #JUNOS. I guess that dream came true to a certain degree if you think about it, just down a different path. Although Catherine has offered to sing her way down the red carpet, just sayin’.

2017 is obviously a hugely important year for Canada and Ottawa. I’m sure you would have seen that #StandForCanada and #Canada150 are both in full swing. Ottawa Tourism has an amazing list of events that we have been privy to learn about that are sure to make it a destination for Canadians and tourists all year long during the celebration. This is the first of many trips we will be making to join in on the excitement!  

When it comes to being a #JUNOS blogger, that means that we will be given access to VIP events and exclusives. You’ll need to ensure you’re following along with us all weekend long to see exactly what, but of course for those of you in Ottawa this weekend, there’s still time to join in on the #JUNOFEST excitement by purchasing your wristband and joining in on concerts and exclusive events happening all over the city.

I sometimes wonder how we have arrived to this exciting juncture in our career. Where we are working with the biggest music event of the year, or on a national campaign with a major financial institution. I think that’s how a lot of these artists must feel attending the JUNOS and being celebrated in the way that we will help them celebrate. How quintessentially Canadian of us all! Yes, I just compared myself to The Weeknd and his fame, because a boy can dream….

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