Food & Wine | Keurig KOLD has arrived & we are obsessed!

By now you’ve come to realize that I get REALLY excited about home appliances. As much as I get to experience amazing opportunities around the world with the team, I enjoy spending time at home with Julio as well. Today marks the official launch of Keurig Canada’s Keurig KOLD and I could not be more excited about it! We have had the opportunity to try it out for ourselves and I can assure you that it is something you simply must add to your home or purchase for a loved one this holiday season! Continue reading “Food & Wine | Keurig KOLD has arrived & we are obsessed!”

Events | New York City | Affordable Art Fair

For those of you who have followed the adventures of, you will know that I am a huge supporter of Art and the beauty it brings to the world and your home. Well, that being said, one of the best events celebrating the power of art is returning to New York City from September 25-29th. Let me tell you all about The Affordable Art Fair New York City and why if you are an art lover, this event is an absolute MUST! Continue reading “Events | New York City | Affordable Art Fair”