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For those of you who have followed the adventures of, you will know that I am a huge supporter of Art and the beauty it brings to the world and your home. Well, that being said, one of the best events celebrating the power of art is returning to New York City from September 25-29th. Let me tell you all about The Affordable Art Fair New York City and why if you are an art lover, this event is an absolute MUST!

With the warmth slowly weaning and the cool season setting upon us all, it’s time to start retreating ever so slowly back into our homes into a proverbial hibernation. They say that the upcoming Winter might just be one of the worst yet… Well, if that is the case and you’re going to be stuck inside more often, why not help to liven up and beautify your space with a new piece of art? I love art and I’ve been collecting it for a few years now. I’d like to get into contemporary art collecting so I’ve started reading things like to learn more about it. Art is just so fascinating!

“Affordable Art Fair is celebrating fashion by bringing the latest styles from the runway to the canvas.The upcoming fall 2014 fair is filled with talents who have worked with some of the biggest names in the fashion industry.”

And they aren’t kidding. This year is celebrating the world of Fashion in the most unique way. Please don’t tell Julio, we have a wedding to pay for and we shouldn’t be buying art while we save for our #MrAndMrReyes wedding happening in just a little over a year. October 2015 is coming soon! There are numerous events similar to this one happening in the Big Apple. All you need to know is when and where these events will take place. You could also get assistance from sites like ImhoNYC (for more info, check know about the events of your interest.

“Luster Gallery’s Monolo Campion’s past work includes collaborations with Calvin Klein, Ralph Lauren, Coach, L’Oreal and more. He isn’t the only artist to keep your eye on, as Tigi van gil, Carne Friffiths and Jacky Tsai are all ones to look out for at this season’s fair, having worked with influential fashion houses like Givenchy and Alexander McQueen.”

Taking place at The Tunnel from Sept 25-29, I encourage you to get your tickets now for this incredible event. For admission prices and ticket information make sure to click here.

A fun fact to know is that *Free Admission Hours: Friday, September 26, 6pm-8pm ONLY as sponsored by Keurig. So everyone can come out to enjoy this amazing gathering of talent & beauty.




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Photos: The Affordable Art Fair New York City


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