Food & Wine | Keurig KOLD has arrived & we are obsessed!

By now you’ve come to realize that I get REALLY excited about home appliances. As much as I get to experience amazing opportunities around the world with the team, I enjoy spending time at home with Julio as well. Today marks the official launch of Keurig Canada’s Keurig KOLD and I could not be more excited about it! We have had the opportunity to try it out for ourselves and I can assure you that it is something you simply must add to your home or purchase for a loved one this holiday season!

Convenience at the touch of a button with some of our favourite brands including Coca Cola & Canada Dry? I was fascinated when setting up our unit at home at the technology that went into the device. With a built in refrigeration system, it’s easier than ever to create refreshing beverages and a few fun cocktails!

  • Fresh-made. The KOLD™ pod and drinkmaker do all the work. Simply remove the freshness seal from the bottom of the pod, pop it in, push the button and freshly make a cold beverage, mixed to just the right taste each and every time.
  • Carbonation without a CO2 canister. To make carbonated beverages, the Keurig® KOLD™ system uses unique Karbonator™ beads, which are contained within the pod and hold beverage-grade CO2. During the drink making process, CO2 is naturally released into the beverage to perfectly carbonate each drink.
  • Drinks delivered chilled. The innovative KOLD™ chiller uses an aerospace-inspired thermal transfer system to rapidly cool beverages to the ideal chilled temperature.
  • Perfectly portioned. Keurig® KOLD™ delivers beverages at an eight-ounce portion size (237ml), and nearly all beverages have 100 calories or less.

The new system makes a wide variety of cold beverage options. From sport drinks post workout, to carbonated waters for the more health conscious… it’s all about personalized drink options for anyone, any time.

Keurig Canada #KeurigKOLD Drink Choices


With so many options, make sure to stay tuned to @DoTheDaniel on social media as we created custom cocktails over the holidays and all year long!

Beginning today, the new Keurig® KOLD™ system is available to purchase for Canadian delivery on and on select online retailers including and

To order your Keurig KOLD today, make sure to click on the image below!

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For more information on the Keurig KOLD and why it’s the perfect addition to your home, make sure to check out the Keurig Canada website at

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Photos: Keurig Canada’s Keurig KOLD & Daniel Desforges


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