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I am always left smiling when people ask me what my trick to staying young is. I don’t think that I’ve discovered the “fountain of youth”, and to be honest I look forward to the day when I am called a silver fox. That being said, maintaining a youthful energy inside & out comes from a lot of water and a lot of love in my life. We recently were invited by the team at evian to celebrate what it meas to #LiveYoung alongside their incredibly cute #evianBabyBay campaign. Come see some amazing BTS moments and why I am reminded that evian is one of many “magic tricks” I use to stay happy.

As we joined in on the evening’s festivities at the Drake Hotel Sky Yard, we also were joining in the global conversation around #evianBabyBay. Those of us in Canada will be seeing a few familiar faces for the campaign, which was one of the many reasons why fashion lovers like Julio joined in on the evening too. I think that speaks to evian as a brand. It appeals to every kind of person – be you foodie or fashionista. We all want to feel young at heart and live a healthy active life.





Yes, that is the one and only Gigi Hadid. As the face of the new campaign, I can’t wait to see the beautiful photo above and many others be shared around the world. Meanwhile, all I hear in my head is Julio saying “So FashUN”… Guess he’s rubbing off on me, huh?

All of this of course culminated from the incredibly cute campaign video below. Helping me to realize just how much I want a baby now that we’re married, it’s also a great way to remember that we are all young at heart and that age is just a number. 

HOW CUTE IS THAT?!!? I can’t stop watching it.

To see some amazing BTS moments from the #LiveYoung festivities here in Toronto, take a look at some of our favourite people’s Instagram moments and accounts below:


Chill sunset vibes at the #evianBabyBay jam. #LiveYoung #ad

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Having an amazing time at the #evianbabybay ? #liveyoung #ad @evianwater

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I like to believe that if I was an evian baby I would be the surfer baby… even though I don’t like to surf. Maybe that should be my summer project? Grab a few bottles of evian, head to the beach and give it a try to channel the inner me. Let’s see what happens!


So the question is, what do you do to stay young and youthful? What is your trick? For more information on #evianBabyBay ideals, music and merch make sure to check out

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Photos: evian, Daniel Reyes, Adweek & all social media accounts above


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