A Weekend Away Fit For A King or Two

It’s the month of May and I am sitting down to write another chapter in the book I am working on, looking out the window wishing the sunshine would come back. In the city of Toronto, we have had what I can only describe as the most tenacious of winters and it just won’t seem to go away. That being said, with my new schedule and focus on the things I am working towards in my life, I get excited about weekends again. Those two beautiful days (or even better, three for a long weekend!) hold so much possibility and recently I had the pleasure of experiencing a pretty spectacular one that I would love to tell you a bit more about.

Now we all know that I find a good long drive cathartic. I like to pair my phone with the stereo system and put it away, listening to a playlist on Apple Music from my Samsung Canada Galaxy S10+. Recently I’ve been having the opportunity to test some vehicles thanks to our friend at Volvo Canada. The most recent vehicle being the Volvo Canada S60 – and I think I might be in love with this car.

From the sedan family of vehicles it felt much more me than a car has in a long time. What do I mean by that? First of all, it is luxuriously spacious and immediately had me picturing babies in the backseat on a drive to Ottawa to visit my family in the future I am working towards. While I did love the sportiness of the XC40 over the holidays, several people stopped me asking me what I was driving when I was behind the wheel of the S60.

You’ll notice the photos below were taking on a sunny day. I miss sunny days… but that being said, being behind the wheel of a car that I feel safe in when driving in any condition is important. While you see more BTS real moments from my weekend here on our dedicated Volvo Canada stories, I was most impressed with the Adaptive Cruise Control. Not only can it help keep you in your lane while on those weekend roadtrips and getaways, it also helps your Volvo maintain a set speed or time interval in relation to the vehicle ahead.

While the stereo played our favourite songs, Canela sat in the backseat on her favourite blanket, and the highway guided us towards northern Ontario I came to realize that I felt most at home thanks to Volvo. For those of you who have also had or driven lots of different car brands, you’ll understand what I mean. The design, the technology and the aesthetic of the S60 feel right for me at thirty-five working towards my family and my future. One beautiful weekend of memories at a time.

Did we get lost? Yup. A couple of time. Thankfully, it was a matter of pulling over to the side of the road, cooling off, and figuring it out. The sun was shinning. The laughs and the coffee. Canela snoring away as we pulled in to the destination. All of it made for a memorable roadtrip, weekend, and memory that I will cherish for a long time.


I like to think that the beauty of life is that getting lost is half the fun. Because only then can you realize what it means to feel that feeling of finding your way back to where you are meant to be.

Because now that I have fallen in love with Volvo Canada and have come to realize how well they match my life and my needs, I know that you’ll be seeing a lot more of them from us.

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Photos: All social media accounts listed above, Volvo Canada & Daniel Reyes

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Daniel Reyes

Mobile photos were taken with my Samsung Canada Galaxy S10+ on the Rogers network

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