Have You Ever Just NEEDED an Item of Clothing?

Over the years I have been very lucky to work with brands making a difference in the world, and ones that hold a special place in my heart. I’ve told the story about my first job being at McDonald’s more times than I can count. Funny because having just started a new role in Ottawa I still think back fondly on the values it taught me and the skills I use all these years later. With #McHappyDay around the corner on May 11th, this year McDonald’s took the cool factor to a whole new level and I’m essentially salivating at the thought of NEEDING these limited edition collaboration pieces in my life before they sell out.

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How Are You Joining In On McHappy Day?

Many years ago – over twenty tbh – I was a teenager looking for my first job. Living in Orleans, Ontario (a suburb in the east end of Ottawa), I brushed up my first ever resume and walked through the doors of the McDonald’s at the corner of Tenth Line and Innes Road. Following in the footsteps of my Dad who also got his first job at that age in Montreal, I landed my first job with a company that would shape not only my work ethic, but my dedication to charities like RMHC Canada. Today as I celebrate #McHappyDay 2019 I wanted to take a moment to thank McDonald’s Canada for so many ways for us to help them raise money for families that need it most and for continuing to be a driving force in Canada for communities and support.

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