Have You Ever Just NEEDED an Item of Clothing?

Over the years I have been very lucky to work with brands making a difference in the world, and ones that hold a special place in my heart. I’ve told the story about my first job being at McDonald’s more times than I can count. Funny because having just started a new role in Ottawa I still think back fondly on the values it taught me and the skills I use all these years later. With #McHappyDay around the corner on May 11th, this year McDonald’s took the cool factor to a whole new level and I’m essentially salivating at the thought of NEEDING these limited edition collaboration pieces in my life before they sell out.

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Though I’ve not yet made the HIGHLY sought after list of paid content creators that work with McDonald’s Canada (notice I say yet, because #Goals and putting it out there into the universe) I am quite familiar with supporting Ronald McDonald House Charities® and families with sick children on the blog and my social media accounts.

Now, to make the need for the following items even stronger, Julio went to the media preview last night while eating (no joke) ten hamburgers and my FOMO IS REAL. But most importantly of all, this limited edition collection which is the coolest collab of 2022 in my opinion has a portion of proceeds donating directly to the charity. I mean, it’s a win win in my opinion and I hope this blog post helps to make you feel the same.

If not, let’s look at some of my favourites, shall we? 😎

P/C x McDonald's Better Together Varsity Jacket
P/C x McDonald's Better Together McDonaldland Crewneck - White
P/C x McDonald's McNugget Buddies Tote - Black
Peace Collective

I hope to buy myself the varsity jacket and one of the matching sets if they are still available on pay day – baby budgets first these days! No matter how strong the urge is we’ve got adoption to save for and goodness knows one of us has to not be so impulsive when shopping!

That being said, these are going FAST. Shop the entire collection here and get yours before its too late all in support of a cause that I continue to love and support with my whole heart.

Of course please don’t forget that on May 11th, any menu item you buy supports Ronald McDonald House Charities® and families with sick children from your community.

So now I need YOUR help to spread the word and in supporting #McHappyDay 2022. Make sure to follow @McDonaldsCanada @peacecollective and @RMHCCanada on Instagram and Twitter and share this blog post with your friends and family. Let’s all make a difference while looking ‎️‍🔥

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Don’t forget to be kind & laugh a little more this year

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