How Are You Joining In On McHappy Day?

Many years ago – over twenty tbh – I was a teenager looking for my first job. Living in Orleans, Ontario (a suburb in the east end of Ottawa), I brushed up my first ever resume and walked through the doors of the McDonald’s at the corner of Tenth Line and Innes Road. Following in the footsteps of my Dad who also got his first job at that age in Montreal, I landed my first job with a company that would shape not only my work ethic, but my dedication to charities like RMHC Canada. Today as I celebrate #McHappyDay 2019 I wanted to take a moment to thank McDonald’s Canada for so many ways for us to help them raise money for families that need it most and for continuing to be a driving force in Canada for communities and support.

We’ve been lucky enough to celebrate #McHappyDay over the years here at Do The Daniel, and each time we do, we ensure that we use this platform to share the message as far and wide as we can from coast-to-coast in Canada.

Many of you have grown up knowing that McHappy Day helps Canadian families in your community during difficult times. Since my days as an employee, the charity has grown exponentially and has also added new ways to show your support. Be it with homegrown Canadian Brand, Peace
Collective, as exclusive designers of the McHappy Day x Peace Collective collection which you can only get the collection in-restaurant on May 8th, to the fact that $1 from every Big Mac, Happy Meal and hot McCafé® beverage sold in McDonald’s restaurants will go to Ronald McDonald Houses and local children’s charities across Canada, there are so many ways to join us today.

If you are unaware, the world of Ronald McDonald House Charities Canada and other local organizations helps to bring support, care and smiles to local families of sick or injured children while their child is being treated at a nearby hospital.

How important is the charity to me? Well not only is it something that I associate with a company that first instilled me with a dedicated and strong work ethic, but I’ve also met families who have benefited from the charity and it changed their lives and those of their children. I will also make sure that #MyPledge is to help spread the positive message and awareness with you all in whatever ways I can.

Why is it so important to have days like #McHappyDay? Because it brings us all together! Whether it’s as simple as enjoying your favourite item above and knowing that today they are giving back or rocking your new Peace Collective attire that will spark a conversation with family and friends, it’s a day that we can celebrate the good. A day where our actions make a real and lasting impact in the lives of the community around us and across the country. I love feeling like a part of this mouvement and cause!

So I want to know how YOU are going to be joining us in supporting #McHappyDay 2019 and help #KeepFamiliesTogether. Make sure to follow @McDonaldsCanada and @RMHCCanada on Instagram and Twitter. Snap and share your photos today and help spread this amazing message of positivity, change and community with us as far as wide as you can using the #McHappyDay hashtag. Let’s show the world that Canadians are always going to give back to their community in trend setting and inspiring ways!

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Photos: All social media accounts listed above, McDonald’s Canada, RMHC Canada & Daniel Reyes

Don’t forget to be kind & laugh a little more this year

Daniel Reyes

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