Outside > Inside

Lately I am of the mindset that being outside is best. From walking an average of 30K steps a day (I love turning on Apple Music and just walking to unwind when I get busy), to trying to spend as much time in my garden as possible on my new patio furniture sets, even eating outside when I can, and escaping into nature with friends to try and get away whenever possible, I think as Canadians it’s important to have some #GoodTimesOutside. Earlier this year our friends at MEC Canada invited us on a hike to Rouge National Urban Park to do just that, and since that beautiful day alongside Catherine and Aram I haven’t stopped taking the opportunity to continue to do so.  Continue reading “Outside > Inside”

My First Time

Do you remember your first time? What was it like? Was it better than you expected? Maybe it was far worse…For myself, I remember it like it was yesterday (a.k.a. a few weeks ago). For those of you still waiting for your special moment, I can attest that it’s truly amazing. Everything went so well; the scenery was beautiful, the mood was set just right with best choice of music, and I couldn’t have had a better companion. It all started with a package with my name on it. Inside, held the key to my happiness, literally. A card read, “Kadeisha, so excited to have you! See you soon….” From there, all was history. Continue reading “My First Time”