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Lately I am of the mindset that being outside is best. From walking an average of 30K steps a day (I love turning on Apple Music and just walking to unwind when I get busy), to trying to spend as much time in my garden as possible on my new patio furniture sets, even eating outside when I can, and escaping into nature with friends to try and get away whenever possible, I think as Canadians it’s important to have some #GoodTimesOutside. Earlier this year our friends at MEC Canada invited us on a hike to Rouge National Urban Park to do just that, and since that beautiful day alongside Catherine and Aram I haven’t stopped taking the opportunity to continue to do so. 

Now I’m going to be honest with you. I am not the member of DTD that is all about a tent and fishing and wilderness. I love being outside, but I also love wi-fi and a hotel bed. So there is something to be said for the fact that  MEC Canada can be a destination for someone like Catherine who is way more like that, and someone like me who is slowly venturing into the world of outdoor activity and experiences. I am not intimidated when I walk into a store, and for the most part I find myself asking a lot of questions of the staff who are more than happy to help me discover what I am looking for. 

While I’m already planning for the fall, I know I still have LOTS of opportunity to get outside in the coming weeks to enjoy the sunshine, the memories I want to make, and to give myself the opportunity to be more active in fun new ways with some of my favourite items from MEC Canada.

I’m trying to remind myself today that every day is an opportunity to do something good for me. While I am loving SPINCO and what it is helping me accomplish, the photo of me on a mountain above shows me that getting outside is just as important. I can’t wait for my next outdoor adventure with MEC Canada gear – and what adventure they might invite us on next! I’m always up for a challenge these days. 

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Daniel Reyes

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