Daniel’s Dish | Fonda Lola

The premise of the column is simple; work with restaurants of all kinds to explore what they have to offer and what makes them unique. In a city like Toronto, the choices are sometimes daunting and the food reviews and critics can be snotty and too complicated for their own good. So why not keep this easy? Drinks. Appetizer. Main Course. Dessert. All along with a bit of information about what makes them my choice for Daniel’s Dish and why you should try them right away!

Fonda Lola, 942 Queen St W, Toronto, ON M6J

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Vancouver | Tacofino’s Taco Bar is coming. Are you ready?

I know that the majority of what we feature here on DoTheDaniel.com is Toronto-centric and  Toronto restaurants but when we found out about Tacofino’s Taco Bar, set to open in January 2015, we simply had to tell the entire country about it! Setting the bar for eclectic, Mexican-inspired cuisine in downtown Vancouver… My favourite! Come & see why you will want to be first in line for this iconic addition to the Vancouver food scene! Continue reading “Vancouver | Tacofino’s Taco Bar is coming. Are you ready?”

Food & Wine | Toronto is spicing it up with Los Colibris

By this point, it has become quite clear that I am a fan of Latino inspired food and restaurants. Throughout my Daniel’s Dish adventures, I have stumbled upon and been introduced to establishments all over the city of Toronto that have stolen my heart.  They say the best way to a man’s heart is through his stomach after all. That’s why I am so excited to tell you about The Brand new Polanco-style Los Colibris launching on King Street West in Toronto. Celebrating it’s Grand Opening on Wednesday June 18th, this is definitely one not to miss for all you food lovers out there. Continue reading “Food & Wine | Toronto is spicing it up with Los Colibris”