Who Needs #SquadGoals When You Could Be #TeamGalaxy

Over the last five years, I have had the pleasure of sharing some of the most incredible experiences. From meals with friends, to destinations around the world, and every exhilarating moment in between. I’ve made so many changes to my personal and professional life. While most of them are for the better, sometimes it’s also important to understand that some of them were lessons I needed to learn. As the next chapter of my life and the blog is underway with some exciting changes taking place, I decided to tell you why I am coming home to the Samsung Canada Galaxy family as my mobile device of choice for 2019. And some of the reasons might just shock you.

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The Best Way To Start 2019

With January well underway, I am immersed in all the excitement that the new year has presented for the team and I around the world. Going into planning mode for our big birthday bash in a few weeks, I am left thinking what gift I want to give myself for the special ocassion. I was lucky enough to be spoiled by friends, family and fantastic partners as 2018 came to a close, but now that I’m looking for a gift for me from me. Thankfully my friends at Rogers have got me covered and after the success of our holiday contest with them – all the incredible items we gave away – I am ready to start 2019 off with a few upgrades of my own.

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A Love Letter Like No Other

For those of you who join us not only here on the blog, but via our adventures on social media around the world, you’ll know that we were recently invited to join Huawei Mobile for the launch of the NEW P20 Series of devices. After having the opportunity to get my hands on both the P20 & P20 Pro (both coming to Canada very soon!) I can assure you that this is the best mobile phone I have ever used. And you know I don’t use words like ‘best’ very often!  Continue reading “A Love Letter Like No Other”

Travel & Lifestyle | Gearing up for the fall with Samsung

The old adage is true – life is what you make it. After returning from an amazing few days away in New York, I have a renewed sense of perspective and energy for the fall. Living a connected life has become so much easier with the latest round of Samsung Canada devices, and this month I am living my #GALAXYLIFE with the new Gear IconX. Simple to use, fashionably sleek, and all around amazing, I am ready to take on another busy season. Come and see why!

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