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The old adage is true – life is what you make it. After returning from an amazing few days away in New York, I have a renewed sense of perspective and energy for the fall. Living a connected life has become so much easier with the latest round of Samsung Canada devices, and this month I am living my #GALAXYLIFE with the new Gear IconX. Simple to use, fashionably sleek, and all around amazing, I am ready to take on another busy season. Come and see why!

As part of the newest releases from Samsung Canada hitting the Canadian market, the Gear IconX is yet another extension of my connected #GALAXYLIFE. With my birthday around the corner in October, I think I may ask Julio for the new #GalaxyNote7 (click here to read why I fell in love with it!) to go along with my #GearFit2. It makes me laugh because as a kid, I used to collect Pokémon cards (yes. I play the game on my #GalaxyS7edge) and now I feel like I have to collect ’em all again. Only this time, it’s the new releases just in time for the fall that I am on the hunt for!

Now I have to admit, I have BIG ears. (Many of you will head to my social media to see if I’m telling the truth… but don’t be fooled. I also have a big head so they are deceivingly proportionate). A lot of the time ear buds are uncomfortable or just fall out when I’m  working out. In the past, it was a pain to say the least because I’m the kind of person who needs music to stay active and get in the zone.

The design of the Gear IconX is meant to stay in your ear comfortably,. It syncs with your Samsung Gear App and S Health to help track your heart rate, progress, and even allows you to take calls. As they’re not just meant for fitness, you’ll probably see me on the street with the sleek earbuds in, but don’t worry – I can hear you. The ambient noise technology allows me to hear that streetcar coming down the road, or Canela barking at another squirrel. Again.

I think the smartest part of the #GearIconX is that the case is a charging station as well. Which means when I put them away in my bag, I don’t have to worry about the battery being dead when I take them out again because they have been charging the whole time. Genius! What I am able to create with my Gear IconX is a world that is tailored to me. From the music I listen to while running around the city, the fitness enhancements it makes to my daily workout, and the connectivity of one device to another. My #GALAXYLIFE is mine to create, customize and enjoy.

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