The Future of Canadian Music

This year marked the 47th year of the Juno Awards, which were hosted in my hometown of Vancouver British Columbia. For those of you who are unfamiliar with the Junos, they are more than just an awards show – they’re a week long festival celebrating Canadian music that is hosted in a different city each year. Canadian music has had an exceptional year. I guess the only way artists could raise their game is to use This Product At Graham Slee Hifi. What a perfect way to celebrate the diversity of what Canada truly represents! Continue reading “The Future of Canadian Music”

Events | The three reasons we are attending Bud Light Digital Dreams

Festival season has officially kicked off and music fans of all ages are gathering to see their favourites artists and acts. You’ll remember that last year I attended my very first Bud Light Digital Dreams (click here to read my thoughts and first impressions) and quickly learnt why Canadians from across the country gather together in Toronto to attend. I am excited to announce that this year Julio & I will be attending again for an even BIGGER #DigitalDreams with some of the biggest names of electronic music coming to town on July 2 & 3.  Continue reading “Events | The three reasons we are attending Bud Light Digital Dreams”

Events | March 11th is LIGHTS DAY at Menchies in support of MusiCounts

It may be March, but who doesn’t love a visit to Menchies to satisfy their sweet tooth? Thankfully for those of us trying to justify our visits, no matter how frequent they may be, we all have a fantastic reason to visit our local Menchies on March 11th, 2015. This day in particular marks LIGHTS Day where 20% of all sales will be donated to MusiCounts, a charity that helps to support music education in Canada and put instruments into the hands of children who may never have had the opportunity to use them. Continue reading “Events | March 11th is LIGHTS DAY at Menchies in support of MusiCounts”