Travel & Lifestyle | Our Top 5 #BackToSchool items from Best Buy Canada!

So to get into the Back to School spirit, Catherine and I decided to sit down and look through our high-school yearbooks. After laughing and reminiscing at what it was like to know each other as teenagers, we found a few very special photos. What I quickly realized about myself was that I was always that student that got excited about going back to school. A new year meant a fresh start, new clothes and most importantly new gadgets! To celebrate the #BackToSchool 2016 season, I’ve partnered with Best Buy Canada to bring you my top 5 must have items. Come and see some pretty hilarious photos of us and what students this year, our opinion, must have to have the best year possible! Continue reading “Travel & Lifestyle | Our Top 5 #BackToSchool items from Best Buy Canada!”

Holiday Must Haves | Nintendo has something for everyone this year!

I always smile when I stop to think about Julio as many of you know him – the fashion blogger & personality that is keeping you informed about luxury brands. But did you know that he is also a big kid at heart? Last year I was able to get him a brand new Nintendo Wii U and we actually play it together when we have some down time. For kids from one to ninety two (yes, I’m quoting Christmas Carols. ‘Tis the season!), Nintendo has so many options for the holidays and I’m sharing a few of our favourites! Continue reading “Holiday Must Haves | Nintendo has something for everyone this year!”

Travel & Lifestyle | Embracing our inner children with Nintendo

A fun fact that many of you might not know is that when Julio & I aren’t busy blogging or attending events, we are usually at home enjoy Netflix Canada or playing Nintendo games. Yes. We are that couple that like to unwind and embrace our inner child. That is why for Christmas, I simply had to surprise Julio with a brand new Wii U Super Mario 3D World Deluxe Set. These days, most of our #BehindTheScenes time together is spent full of laughter and trying to see who is the better gamer. Continue reading “Travel & Lifestyle | Embracing our inner children with Nintendo”